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The open-source code for the provides fast, easy credit card scanning in mobile apps
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Credit card scanning for Android apps

This repository contains everything needed to build the library for Android.

What it does not yet contain is much in the way of documentation. 😿 So please feel free to ask any questions by creating github issues -- we'll gradually build our documentation based on the discussions there.

Note that this is actual production code, which has been iterated upon by multiple developers over several years. If you see something that could benefit from being tidied up, rewritten, or otherwise improved, your Pull Requests will be welcome! See for details.

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If you merely wish to incorporate within your Android app, simply download the latest official release from That repository includes complete integration instructions and sample code.

Dev Setup


  • Current version of the Android SDK. (obviously)
  • Android NDK. We've tested with r10e. At minimum, the Clang toolchain is required.

First build

There are a few bugs in the build process, so these steps are required for the first build:

  1. clone this repo
  2. $ cd
  3. init its dmz submodule: git submodule sync; git submodule update --init --recursive
  4. $ cp
  5. Edit with your env (Assuming you've defined $ANDROID_NDK correctly, run $ echo "$ANDROID_NDK" "$ANDROID_SDK"
  6. $ ./gradlew clean assembleDebug

Hints & tricks.



  1. Connect an Android 18 (or better) device.
  2. $ ./gradlew connectedAndroidTest

You should see the app open and run through some tests.

Un-official Release

$ ./gradlew clean Cleans and builds an aar file for distribution.

The official release process is described separately.

Contributors was created by Josh Bleecher Snyder.

Subsequent help has come from Brent Fitzgerald, Tom Whipple, Dave Goldman, Jeff Brateman, Roman Punskyy, Matt Jacunski, Dan Nizri, and Zach Sweigart.

And from you! Pull requests and new issues are welcome. See for details.

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