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* BTFS(Beyond The FAT fileSystem) Developed by Flash Software Group.
* Copyright 2006-2009 by Memory Division, Samsung Electronics, Inc.,
* San #16, Banwol-Dong, Hwasung-City, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
* All rights reserved.
* This software is the confidential and proprietary information
* of Samsung Electronics, Inc. ("Confidential Information"). You
* shall not disclose such Confidential Information and shall use
* it only in accordance with the terms of the license agreement
* you entered into with Samsung.
* @file ffat_addon_extended_de.h
* @brief Extended Directory Entry
* @author GwangOk Go
* @version MAY-30-2008 [GwangOk Go] First writing
* @see None
#ifndef _FFAT_ADDON_XDE_H_
#define _FFAT_ADDON_XDE_H_
// includes
#include "ffat_node.h"
#include "ffat_vol.h"
// defines
#define FFAT_XDE_SIGNATURE_STR ".btfs?xde*" // signature는 string(10) + check sum(1)으로 구성됨
// 2010.05.26_chunum.kong_Bug Fix to compare with character "?" about xde. It occured the mount fail,
#define FFAT_XDE_SIGNATURE_STR2 "btfs?xde*"
// enum
// typedefs
typedef FFatExtendedDirEntryInfo XDEInfo;
//!< Extended Directory entry
typedef struct _ExtednedDe
t_uint8 szSignature[FFAT_XDE_SIGNATURE_STR_SIZE];
t_uint8 bCheckSum1; // SFNDE의 마지막 문자 자리
t_uint8 bAttr;
t_uint8 bType;
t_uint8 bCheckSum2; // LFNDE의 check sum 자리
t_uint16 wPerm; // Permission
t_uint32 dwUID; // User ID
t_uint32 dwGID; // Group ID
t_uint32 dwReserved1; // DE의 size를 맞추기 위함
t_uint32 dwReserved2; // DE의 size를 맞추기 위함
} ExtendedDe;
// constant definitions
// external variable declarations
// function declarations
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
extern FFatErr ffat_xde_mount(Vol* pVol, FFatMountFlag dwFlag, ComCxt* pCxt);
extern void ffat_xde_create(Node* pNodeChild, FatDeSFN* pDE, t_uint8 bCheckSum,
XDEInfo* pXDEInfo);
extern FFatErr ffat_xde_afterCreate(Node* pNodeParent, Node* pNodeChild,
t_uint32* pdwClustersDE, t_int32 dwClusterCountDE);
extern void ffat_xde_lookup(Node* pNodeChild);
extern void ffat_xde_fillNodeInfo(Node* pNode, FatGetNodeDe* pNodeDE, XDEInfo* pXDEInfo);
extern void ffat_xde_rename(Node* pNodeSrc, Node* pNodeDes);
extern void ffat_xde_renameUpdateDE(Node* pNodeSrc, Node* pNodeDes,
FatDeSFN* pDE, t_uint8 bCheckSum);
extern FFatErr ffat_xde_afterRename(Node* pNodeParentDes, Node* pNodeNew,
t_uint32* pdwClustersDE, t_int32 dwClusterCountDE);
extern FFatErr ffat_xde_updateXDE(Node* pNode, XDEInfo* pXDEInfo, ComCxt* pCxt);
extern FFatErr ffat_xde_getXDE(Vol* pVol, FatGetNodeDe* pNodeDE, ComCxt* pCxt);
extern void ffat_xde_generateXDE(Vol* pVol, FatDeSFN* pDeSFN, ExtendedDe* pXDE, t_uint32 dwUid,
t_uint32 dwGid, t_uint16 wPerm, t_uint8 bCheckSum);
extern FFatErr ffat_xde_setStatus(Node* pNode, FFatNodeFlag dwAttr, ComCxt* pCxt);
extern FFatErr ffat_xde_getGUIDFromNode(Node* pNode, XDEInfo* pstXDEInfo);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* #ifndef _FFAT_ADDON_XDE_H_ */