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Guild Operators' Repository

A place for SPOs to contribute together to the Cardano Ecosystem.

Documentation / Guides

  • Stake Pool Operator site contains instructions for using various guild tools which simplify various stake-ops (setting up, managing and monitoring pools) for pool operators. Note that the guides are present to help you simplify your tasks - but as an entity responsible for creating blocks on a financial platform, we expect the pre-requisite skillsets before entering the portal:

    • Learn about working with architecture, setup and essentials (sysops);
    • Understand how to secure your server (secops);
    • Be comfortable with working with cardano-cli , and have worked on preview/preprod/guild networks for pool operations without use of wrapper scripts - as an education exercise;
    • Read the documentation and disclaimers. The guide and tools only aim to simplify your tasks, it will not try to do everything for you - neither scope best practices.
    • We recommend anyone using these instructions to use offline workflow, and NEVER have their wallet keys and pool keys to be made available to online servers, as supported by the tools.
  • Community Support FAQ & how-to guides for use within Cardano ecosystem. This documentation/FAQ contains topics such as Cardano wallets, blockchain explorers, and selecting a pool for delegation to name a few.

  • Concepts is place holder where we can accumulate educative articles explaining basic essentials of blockchain.


The Telegram announcement & support channel is used to announce new releases and changes to the code base. This is also the place to ask general questions regarding the Guild Operators documentation and scripts.
Telegram Announcement & Support channel

To report bugs and issues with scripts and documentation please open a GitHub Issue.
Feature requests are best opened as a discussion thread.