@cardgate cardgate released this Aug 10, 2018

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New payment method: Paysafecard.

@cardgate cardgate released this Mar 29, 2018 · 28 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
Version Date Comment
v1.6.24 [2018.03.27] Fix: Dutch text for iDEAL
v1.6.23 [2018.03.13] New code for Cart items
v1.6.22 [2018.01.25] New redirect to confirmation page
v1.6.21 [2017.01.25] New Pending status for Klarna and Afterpay
v1.6.21 [2017.01.25] Fix: Response for one-time payments
v1.6.20 [2017.01.19] Sstatus code update on installation of Cardgate Bank Common module
v1.6.19 [2017.01.12] Fix: response for certain status codes
v1.6.18 [2016.11.07] Fix: error notices
v1.6.18 [2016.11.07] Fix: default connect payment template to Pending status
v1.6.17 [2016.06.20] Fix: ssl for iDEAL template
v1.6.16 [2016.06.06] Fix: payment completed can not be changed
v1.6.15 [2016.06.02] Fix: product names with non-standard characters cause an error in the cart items
v1.6.14 [2016.05.19] Fix: show extra charges on invoice
v1.6.13 [2016.05.17] Fix: rounding off cartitem prices
v1.6.12 [2016.05.04] Extra costs per payment method
v1.6.12 [2016.05.04] Transactions are now directly processed
v1.6.11 [2016.04.25] New payment method: Przelewy24
v1.6.11 [2016.04.25] Cancel URL redirects to cart
v1.6.10 [2016.04.14] Fix: update installation error
v1.6.9 [2016.04.08] Fix: cart item price now includes VAT
v1.6.8 [2016.04.06] New payment methods: Afterpay, Klarna, Bitcoin
v1.6.7 [2016.03.29] Fix: processing Sofortbanking callback
v1.6.6 [2016.02.17] Fix: changed callback url code
v1.6.5 [2015.12.01] Fix: callback security update
v1.6.4 [2015.11.23] Fix: bilingual installer
v1.6.3 [2015.11.23] Fix: payment url
v1.6.2 [2015.11.20] Added: Creditcard, Giropay and PayPal to latest version
v1.6.1 [2015.11.09] vFirst uninstall previous versions of the CardGate plug-in
v1.6.1 [2015.11.09] Payment methodes will be installed separately
v1.5.10 Select payment by country added
v1.5.9 Code modified for selecting payment method
v1.5.9 Code modified for customerdata that is send to CardGate
v1.5.8 Code modified to show payment methode in cart
v1.5.7 Fix: callback error resulting in not sending order email after payment
v1.5.6 CSS style modified for PrestaShop 1.6
v1.5.5 Plug-in also works with PrestaShop 1.6
v1.5.4 Payment methodes are shown directly on the payment page
v1.5.4 Choice of payment methods is now determined by My CardGate settings
v1.5.3 New payment method: Giropay
v1.5.2 Added Shop version data
v1.5.2 Added choosing specific countries
v1.5.1 Initial release