Fix parsing of range literals #15

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treed commented Jul 16, 2009

Parens around ranges don't seem to work, and range/new.t indicates there may be other issues.

(See also range.t)

treed commented Aug 8, 2009

Range parsing is implemented as infix:.. and infix:...; the not working with parens is a general issue with any optable stuff. Unsure how to handle this, as optable stuff is still very much magic to me.

The comment in range/new.t was outdated other than references the paren issue.

treed commented Aug 16, 2009

This [was] waiting on #40 for the paren fix.

treed commented Aug 19, 2009

Well, the paren fix is in, but there's still something wacky going on:

crb(main):001:0>puts (1..3).class
[1, 2, 3]
Null PMC access in find_method()
joeri commented Aug 19, 2009

I think that is parsed as (puts (1..3)).class instead of puts((1..3).class), which would also mean that the object returned by puts is not the nil from NilClass but an Undef or something like that

Unfortunately both of the expressions I gave fail to parse, so I can't really test that, but the output from target=parse seems to confirm my suspicions

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