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Keep track of every touch point with cardinal and compass be a badass Captain Jack with a Sparrow on the shoulder.
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Keep track of every touch point with cardinal and compass be a bad-ass Captain Jack with a Sparrow on the shoulder.

Cardinal is a Javascript es6 library with a great Touch API that gives the web and native apps for touch devices—mobile and desktop—an interesting interface for touch capabilities, to program functional apps with user experience kept in mind. Cardinal has no dependencies whatsoever, and it's a must-have as it brings similar, native OS touch interfaces to HTML5 apps built for the web and native systems. The library has a low-level toolkit, built from abstraction, and a high-level implementation of the low-levels built readily for use. The low-level toolkits could be used to extend and/or create more of the high-level implementations we provide, if you see beyond our implementations—that's a bonus.

The low-level

The low-level toolkits can't be used to give UIs their functions but are like an arcadia of algorithms (logical, mathematical, maybe statistical too) exported by a class of rich APIs to create/write codes that gives functional UIs.


  1. Circular Path
  2. Drawer

The high-level

The high-levels are implementations of the low-level APIs that make user interfaces functional, offering great user experience. Although some don't implement any low-level API and are independent. Those that implement are dependent, and for production, the dependencies of the dependents must be available (on JS runtimes) imported or loaded (on the web). For example, to use the Nav module the Drawer module must be imported or loaded as dependency.

Every module that's not low-level, except otherwise stated.


Cardinal—being a javascript program—is not enough to create rich GUIs. That's where compass / compacss / compascss comes in.
Compass or compacss or compascss is a kick-start SCSS mixin library which could be used as a backbone, extensible template to building cardinal compliant UI. It also comes in a ready/precompiled form, that is, already built to CSS. Learn more

Design Guide and Standards

Cardinal is a standard, highly predictable javascript library. It is built to be Google's Material Design compliant; as it follows the standard definitions of UI, UI behaviours, User actions/Interface reactions, defined under the material design. This standard definitions helps the program to behave predictably, giving expected reactions to similar actions every where possible. Not having a standard to follow can make things really messy; as similar actions might trigger different reactions which would be unexpected. The guide and standards help cardinal to serve a great user experience as interface reactions are as what the user will normally experience.


We should spread the good; don't you think?
There's nothing as good as open source; except Cardinal which is as good as open source. I'm simply saying...
Cardinal is open source, and is provided under the Apache LICENSE-2.0 with all rights reserved. Copyright new Date().getFullYear() Caleb Adepitan.

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