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This document contains information about the changes between the different
versions of PyAMF.
.. contents::
0.6 (unreleased)
- Updates to support Plasma (Ticket:736)
- Fixed a small bug in ``BaseGateway.removeService``, thanks agronholm for the
patch (Ticket:729)
- Pure Python AMF3 Decoding performance improvements (up to x3) (Ticket:723)
- Non-ascii characters in the exception message would cause a ``UnicodeError``
- All ORM adapters will no longer set properties as static attributes
- Default to using ``__new__`` for instance creation if available. (Ticket:700)
- Ability to ``unregister_type_alias`` (Ticket:707)
- ``__amf__.proxy`` actually works (Ticket:712)
- Django adapter now uses ``get_all_field_names`` to find model properties
- Added ``ClassAlias.bases`` and deep class tree support for typed classes
- ``use_references`` keyword arg has been removed from ``amf3.Encoder.write*``
- ``ClassAlias.getEncodableAttributes`` now will return a single dict of
properties (Ticket:714)
- PyAMF Client will raise an exception if the remote gateway returns a service
error (Ticket:260)
- Fixed a reference bug with unsaved Django model instances. Thanks to wolver
for the patch and tests (Ticket:691).
- Fixed a small bug in decoding Django relations when declared as static.
Thanks to wolver for the patch. (Ticket:693)
- Removed ``exceptions`` from all ``Context`` and ``pyamf.util.Indexed*``
classes (Ticket:660)
- Empty Django relations are now encoded as ``None``, not ``pyamf.Undefined``
- ``pyamf.ClientType`` removed, as it is not spec compliant (Ticket:651)
0.5.1 (2009-09-19)
- ``pyamf.register_package`` can now accept a list of classes (Ticket:650)
- Fixed a regression in ``TwistedGateway`` where services would be called
twice (Ticket:648)
- Fixed a bug with encoding anonymous trait references (Ticket:644)
- Moved ``IndexedCollection`` into ``cpyamf`` (Ticket:424)
- ``amf3.encode_int`` now encodes signed 29bit ints, not unsigned. Thanks
to gerard for the report, investigation and patch! (Ticket:646)
0.5 (2009-09-07)
- Added the ability to modify the timezones of dates being de/encoded for
legacy systems. (Ticket:612)
- Fixed a Django reference bug where ``parent.child.parent`` is parent
would encode 3 objects and not 2. (Ticket:642)
- Setting ``None`` on a Django ``DateField`` would blow up the encoder
- ``rootCause`` in ``ErrorFault`` objects are now populated with the
traceback object. (Ticket:637)
- Support for encoding/decoding BlazeDS specific messages (Ticket:581)
- Removed tracebacks from exception messages if ``debug=False`` (Ticket:552)
- Support for ``google.appengine.ext.db.polymodel.PolyModel`` (Ticket:633)
- Support for Django ``File``/``ImageField`` (Ticket:631)
- Support for Django model inheritance (Ticket:626)
- Rewrote attribute handling code. Added the ability to exclude, set
read-only and static attributes. See for more
details. (Ticket:601)
- Exposed the amf request object if ``expose_request=True``.
Twisted/Django/Google have an ``amf_request`` property on the http request
object. WSGI has an entry in the environ dict now - ``pyamf.request``
- Added support for the ``array`` module (Ticket:468)
- Fixed an issue with Django model ``AutoFields`` being set to 0 by the Flex
client (Ticket:556)
- Added support for the ``collections`` module. (Ticket:474)
- Added type checks for class objects. (Ticket:473)
- GAE ``FloatProperty`` can now accept int without issue (Ticket:609)
- Revamped the lazy imports module to use ``sys.meta_path`` instead. Fixes
all erroneous import errors (Ticket:485).
- Django models will now accept dynamic properties (Ticket:575)
- Django PK properties will be set first to allow related properties to apply
correctly (Ticket:599)
- p.r.encode/p.r.decode both have a new ``logger`` kwarg. Supply a
``logging.Logger`` instance if you want to see debug output (Ticket:588)
- ``pyamf.TypedObjectClassAlias`` now forces the class type (Ticket:537)
- If a call to ``Decoder.readElement`` results in an ``IOError`` exception,
the original position of the stream will be restored (Ticket:573)
- Replaced hardcoded Python implementation title in p.r.gateway.SERVER_NAME
- Provide a user friendly way to handle ``datetime.time`` objects (Ticket:498)
- Removed the useless ``pyamf.logging`` module (Ticket:577)
- Added a new ``register_package`` helper function to make bulk class
registration easier. Check the docstring for more info. (Ticket:576)
- ``cpyamf.amf3._decode_int`` now propagates exceptions correctly (Ticket:506)
- Fixed an incorrect ``OverflowError`` when encoding large integers in AMF3
- Added ``append`` to ``pyamf.util.BufferedByteStream`` (Ticket:574)
- Added Epydoc signatures to all ``util.StringIOProxy``, ``util.DataTypeMixIn``
and ``util.BufferedByteStream`` classes (Ticket:440)
- Removed dependancy on ``fpconst``. Platforms with broken platforms are
detected and handled correctly internally (Ticket:564)
- ``amf0.Encoder`` now supports attribute ordering (Ticket:558)
- Removed duplicate method ``Context.reset``, in favour of ``Context.clear``
- Rewrote ``cpyamf.util.BufferedByteStream`` to not depend on ``cStringIO``.
Added a C based api for stream functions (Ticket:513)
- Unified exceptions for ``BufferedByteStream`` so that only ``IOError``
is raised. (Ticket:520)
- Made raising ``pyamf.ReferenceError`` optional for all Indexed* and
``Context`` classes. Refactored AMF3 so that only one ``ClassDefinition``
is created per class (Ticket:524)
- Strict type checking now on ``pyamf.util.BufferedByteStream`` (Ticket:512)
- Removed the default loggers from p.r.gateway.*. To re-enable supply a
``logger instance`` as a keyword arg to the gateway constructor (Ticket:525)
- Removed ``pyamf.util.make_classic_instance`` (as it is not used)
- Removed ``pyamf.util.get_mro``, in favour of ``inspect.getmro`` (Ticket:526)
- Removed ``pyamf.util.Indexed[Collection|Map].remove`` (Ticket:518)
0.4.2 (2009-04-20)
- Support for decoding the ``source`` property on ``ArrayCollection``
- Fixed an issue in the GAE adapter where dynamic properties would be missing
on referenced objects. (Ticket:511)
- Fixed a critical issue with AMF0 reference counting when encoding remoting
responses. (Ticket:510)
- Strengthened HTTP header handling in the client (Ticket:492)
- Support for Django i18n ``ugettext_lazy`` (Ticket:496)
- Added support for microseconds for datetime objects. Thanks to Derek Payton
for the patch. (Ticket:490)
- Added support for property types on SQLAlchemy mapped classes. (Ticket:491)
- Added support for property types for Google AppEngine ``db.Model`` and
``db.Expando``. (Ticket:487)
0.4.1 (2009-02-23)
- ``amf0.Encoder.use_amf3`` has been extended to cover all object types
- Property types on Django models will now encode as expected. (Ticket:480)
- Django ``models.ForeignKey`` properties will be followed only if previously
accessed outside of PyAMF. ``_[attr]_cache`` is no longer encoded.
- Encoding ``{0:0, '0':1}`` will now raise an ``AttributeError``. (Ticket:458)
- Google AppEngine adapter improvements - see ticket for details (Ticket:479)
- ``amf0.Encoder`` will encode all elements as AMF3 if ``use_amf3`` option is
set to ``True`` (Ticket:453)
- Unicode handling in ``__repr__`` functions has been improved (Ticket:455)
- object attributes and dict keys are now utf8 encoded bytestrings. Python
\**kwargs doesn't accept unicode key objects. (Ticket:463)
- Django ``models.TimeField``, ``models.DateField`` will now be converted to
the correct type (``datetime.time`` and ```` respectively).
``fields.NOT_PROVIDED`` is also checked for by converting to
``pyamf.Undefined`` and back again. (Ticket:457)
0.4 (2009-01-18)
- cpyamf now deals with exceptional floats the same way as pure Python -
especially on Windows (Ticket:448)
- Support for SQLAlchemy 0.5.1 (Ticket:449)
- ``amf0.Encoder`` now has a ``use_amf3`` flag which determines which XML
type to return to the client (Ticket:435)
- ``BufferedByteStream.truncate(length)`` now actually does something useful
- now gets the version number from ``pyamf/`` source
0.4rc3 (2009-01-14)
- Support for SQLAlchemy 0.5.0 (Ticket:436)
- pyamf.util.DataTypeMixIn/cpyamf.util.BufferedByteStream can now
encode/decode 24bit un/signed integers. (Ticket:422)
- pyamf.util.StringIOProxy/cpyamf.util.BufferedByteStream both have new
consume methods that will chop of the tail of the stream (already read
stream). (Ticket:423)
- Now checking for all types of supported xml lib types for encoding, but
will only use the first implementation for decoding (Ticket:426)
- fpconst dependancy is now only required if the platform requires it
- Decoding negative timestamps on certain platforms (namely Windows) are now
supported (Ticket:390)
0.4rc2 (2009-01-05)
- Support for SQLAlchemy 0.4.0 (Ticket:410)
0.4rc1 (2008-12-31)
- Support for encoding/decoding SQLAlchemy ORM objects with a new adapter.
Lots of people involved in this one, but special thanks to Dave Thompson
and Michael Van Tellingen for making this happen. (Ticket:277)
- All gateways now log exceptions when exceptions are raised during
en/decoding. (Ticket:394)
- Flex messaging now uses correct static attributes for encoding. Determining
static/dynamic attributes on objects is now easier (Ticket:357)
- Added use_proxy option to amf3 which will automagically convert ObjectProxy
to dict and ArrayCollection to list on decoding, and vice versa on encode.
Thanks to dthompso for the excellent patch (Ticket:355)
- flex.ArrayCollection now subclasses list instead of dict as non-int keys
are not allowed. IList interface has been implemented. (Ticket:349)
- Encoding registered subclass of list that define the 'externalised'
metadata will be encoded as an object.
- Encoders how have a 'strict' mode. Not generally useful for the time being
but will help with developments in the future. Type mapped functions now
require a second 'encoder' attribute. (Ticket:378)
- Added adapter to handle the decimal module and, if strict is set to False,
silently converts a Decimal instance to a float (Ticket:376)
- ClassAlias can now be subclassed and three new methods have been added:
applyAttributes, createInstance, getAttributes all which help to provide
fine control for object/instance manipulation (Ticket:348)
- Added support for __slots__ (Ticket:347)
- Fixed problem when decoding objects that map to GAE db.Model objects with
required properties (Ticket:342)
- ByteArray now does not throw an error when used in the Remoting framework
- A new adapter that converts sets.ImmutableSet and sets.Set to tuples before
encoding. (Ticket:280)
- A revamped google app engine adapter that checks for the _key attribute in
an aliased class and first loads the object from the datastore and then
applies that properties in the object stream. (Ticket:307)
- New helper function to make it easier to manually add adapters (Ticket:350)
- Ability to disable the c extension with passing --disable-ext to
(Ticket:381, 391)
- Python C-extension for the pyamf.util.BufferedByteStream class. Originally
contributed by Gerard Escalante (Ticket:225, 405)
- New API to add headers such as cookies in pyamf.remoting.client
- Now clearing the context between remoting requests (Ticket:309)
- Fixed issue with AMF3 class definition references (Ticket:341)
- More helpful description for register_class args check (Ticket:334)
- pyamf.register_class now checks to ensure that __init__ args do not have
any arguments (Ticket:322)
- Added RemoteObject support for AsyncMessage (Ticket:292)
- pyamf.remoting.ErrorFault.__repr__ now displays the traceback info (if it
exists). (Ticket:331)
- Both Encoders will now raise pyamf.EncodeError if a function is encoded
- Twisted Gateway would fall over when returning tuples (Ticket:313)
- The remoting gateways now send a customizable Server header (Ticket:317)
- The remoting client now sends a customizable User-Agent header (Ticket:306)
- Added ability to set the HTTP referer in remoting client (Ticket:316)
- Fixed issue where the AMF3 encoder assumed objects with a 'tag' attribute
needed XML encoding. Reported by cy-man (Ticket:303)
- Solved issue with repr for AbstractMessage. Reported by datafunk
- Content-type was missing in POST requests from the AMF client. Reported by
magog (Ticket:304)
- Added the disconnect Command operation (Ticket:325)
- Fixed issue with the unit tests for Django (Ticket:281)
- Removed the NetworkIOMixIn class (Ticket:232)
0.3.1 (2008-05-04)
- Importing module now has tests (Ticket:266)
- Django model adapter now imported only when django.db.models is imported
- Google Model/Expando encoding now works out of the box
- Fixed issue with Remote Object destination (Ticket:270)
- Added a new gateway for the Google App Engine - see (Ticket:253)
- amf0 Encoder now takes amf3 contexts into account (Ticket:268)
- amf*.encode helpers can now accept multiple arguments (Ticket:267)
- Removed the dependancy of fpconst for Python 2.5 or newer (Ticket:243)
- Solved issue with AMFPHP exceptions in AMF client (Ticket:258)
- Fixed issue with url parsing in AMF client (Ticket:256)
- Client no longer raises httplib.ResponseNotReady when making multiple
requests using the same RemotingService (Ticket:254)
0.3 (2008-04-14)
- Added compatibility module for Google App Engine (Ticket:247)
- Fixed the signed interpretation of compressed integers in AMF3 (Ticket:241)
- Classic class decoding would throw an AttributeError (Ticket:248)
- Reloading adapter modules caused errors in Django, Pylons and Google App
Engine. Resolved by removing dependancy on Importing module and
incorporating into pyamf.util (Ticket:250)
- Adapter framework can now be fired when only loading submodules
- Made util.BufferedByteStream endian aware (Ticket:231)
- Fixed issue with Twisted threads (Ticket:233)
0.2 (2008-03-12)
- Removed amfinfo console_script (Ticket:226)
- Encoders/Decoders now check for __getstate__/__setstate__ respectively
- Gateway import hack has now been removed - permanently (Ticket:224)
- Encoding/decoding performance has been increased 2x for AMF0 and up-to
10x(!) for AMF3 (Ticket:198)
- Logging is now possible in all the supported gateways (Ticket:173)
- A new preprocessor function that runs after authentication, but before
invoking the service method (Ticket:196)
- authenticator can now be decorated with expose_request (Ticket:195)
- Python 2.3 support (Ticket:33)
- Python 2.6 support (Ticket:222)
- Made PyAMF distributable as zip-based Python Egg (Ticket:193)
0.1.1 (2008-02-18)
- AMF3 encoder reported incorrect byte length header for non-ASCII string
data. Patch supplied by akaihola. (Ticket:194)
- Decoder context not cleared between reading the remoting header and body.
Reported by gerard (Ticket:192)
0.1 (2008-02-11)
- New error handling api useful for registering custom exception classes
- When a client receives a remoting error, an exception is generated
- expose_request per service control vastly improved (Ticket:169)
- Authentication per service control vastly improved (Ticket:166)
- uuid is no longer installed when using Python 2.5 or newer (Ticket:182)
- The inheritance tree was not consulted when encoding attributes (Ticket:172)
- TypedObjects didn't work with old style classes (Ticket:171)
- ErrorFault now prints details (Ticket:168)
- Added expose_request to TwistedGateway (Ticket:165)
- TwistedGateway now expects deferred from service functions (Ticket:164)
0.1b (2008-01-13)
- IExternalizable now takes its methods from the class and fine grain control
over attr encoding (Ticket:110)
- Added an adapter framework that gets imported when the related module is
imported. See for
more info
- Added 'expose_environ' argument to WSGIGateway to expose the WSGI environ
as the first arg in the called services.
- Implemented Local Shared Object (LSO) support (Ticket:11)
- ByteArray now implements IDataInput and IDataOutput instead of
StringIOProxy (Ticket:151)
- dicts are now used as the default for anonymous objects (Ticket:131)
- remoting.client mostly fully supports the predefined headers (defined at The only
one missing is amf_server_debug (Ticket:39)
- LazyImporter objects now set the __file__ attribute to None, so that
querying sys.modules don't accidentally import the underlying module.
- Fixed argument positioning for RemoteObject processing. Thanks akaihola!
- ElementTree requirement is now ignored when using Python >= 2.5
- Added tests for TwistedGateway (Ticket:132)
- Workaround for Python 2.4 float shortcomings (Ticket:78)
- Service Browser ('DescribeService' header) requests supported. (Ticket:138)
- Remoting client now supports authentication. (Ticket:137)
- Proper encoding for aliased subclassed builtin types, specifically
- Added support for easy encoding of Django object queries
- Added 'add_type' allowing finer grain control of how a class is encoded in
an AMF stream. (Ticket:130)
- 'authenticator' keyword added to all gateways (moved from ServiceRequest)
- Added ``expose_request`` argument to DjangoGateway to expose the underlying
HTTP Request object as the first arg in the called services. (Ticket:103)
0.1.0a (2007-12-12)
- AMF0 and AMF3 encoders/decoders
- Additional support for IExternalizable, ArrayCollection, ObjectProxy,
ByteArray, RecordSet and RemoteObject
- Remoting gateways for Twisted, WSGI, and Django
- Authentication/setCredentials support
- zlib compression support for ByteArray
- Remoting client with httplib
0.0.1 (2007-10-19)
- Started project based on previous work done in the RTMPy (
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