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CSV::Reader deprecated in Ruby 1.9 #33

wants to merge 33 commits into from

2 participants


Which broke aol.parse()

glennfu and others added some commits Apr 12, 2010
@glennfu glennfu Fixed bug with hotmail skipping 1st contact of each page 2d202dd
@glennfu glennfu Fixed yahoo bug with missing last page and also with reversed first/l…
…ast names
@glennfu glennfu Added new gemspec 39bf812
@glennfu glennfu Merge with upstream 14b3d75
@glennfu glennfu Fixes Yahoo returning nil instead of [] when finding 0 contacts 8ef5028
@glennfu glennfu Fixes broken hotmail imports 25794ec
@glennfu glennfu Merged with upstream 832d6d6
@glennfu glennfu Thanks to mrich54907 - fixed hotmail import bug a7b6b2b
@glennfu glennfu Attempts to fix some Yahoo issues... still failing incorrectly with w…
…rong password error sometimes
@glennfu glennfu Incorporated AOL fix from cbaker f0c8e68
@glennfu glennfu Fixed aol not recognizing bad password error ddce190
@glennfu glennfu No more hard-coding the AOL_NUM as it's changing too frequently, scra…
…pe it instead
@glennfu glennfu Whoops forgot to step the gem version 0806eb9
@glennfu glennfu Fixes AOL import bug when a contact's name as a double-quote in it c8bf7e5
@joshuaknox joshuaknox removing a ruby 1.9 incompatibility due to CSV::Reader deprecation da176e0
@joshuaknox joshuaknox new CSV.parse is a subset of former CSV::Reader.parse. doing the disp…
…atch here.
@joshuaknox joshuaknox adding contacts_data to make debugging the malformed CSV easier 7cdb21d
@joshuaknox joshuaknox Merge remote branch 'glennfu/master'
@joshuaknox joshuaknox real_connect_data to debug hotmail edc4d05
@joshuaknox joshuaknox disabling connect for debugging cfa898b
@joshuaknox joshuaknox more debugging cbbdd50
@joshuaknox joshuaknox whacking a superfluous "end" a06ec76
@joshuaknox joshuaknox more debugging. 2fab02b
@joshuaknox joshuaknox updating contacts_data 6839ab0
@joshuaknox joshuaknox AOL supports 2 emails for a single contact: display both 1869c3a
@joshuaknox joshuaknox contacts_data for yahoo fc9dd82
@joshuaknox joshuaknox I could've sworn implicit tuple worked. weird. 163ef04
@joshuaknox joshuaknox dropped an "end" 49868d6
@joshuaknox joshuaknox eliminating dupe returns from Yahoo, making no_connect an optional param c7a2546
@joshuaknox joshuaknox minor bit of cleanup: mostly whacking the superfluous FasterCSV 3990f54
@joshuaknox joshuaknox correcting the conditionals 703cee8
@joshuaknox joshuaknox contacts_data for Plaxo c449911
@joshuaknox joshuaknox grab all emails for a given Plaxo contact c39e2f8
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