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An easy to use payment gateway for Ruby. Payment is used to process credit cards and electronic cash through merchant accounts like Authorize.Net.
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== Welcome to Payment

Payment is used to process credit cards and electronic cash through merchant accounts.

To choose a gateway, require 'payment/gateway_name'. For example, if you want to use, do a require 'payment/authorize_net'. If you would like to use multiple gateways in the same code, simply do a require 'payment' and it will grab each gateway's code for you.

Payment was inspired by and has borrowed much of its infrastructure from the Business::OnlinePayment Perl module (

If you would like to loosely check the validity of a credit card without using a merchant account, look at the CreditCard module (

== Example

    require 'payment/authorize_net'

    transaction = (
                      :login       => 'username',
                      :password    => 'password',
                      :amount      => '49.95',
                      :card_number => '4012888818888',
                      :expiration  => '03/10',
                      :first_name  => 'John',
                      :last_name   => 'Doe'
      puts "Card processed successfully: #{transaction.authorization}"
      puts "Card was rejected: #{transaction.error_message}"

To set default values, setup a file called .payment.yml in the home directory of the user who will be using this library. An example file would be:

    username: my_account
    transaction_key: my_trans_key

That way there is no need to keep sensitive information in your application's code itself. To specify an alternative configuration file, add a :prefs => '/path/to/file.yml' to the initialization parameters.
== Currently Supported Gateways

* Authorize.Net (authorize_net) -

== Upcoming Gateways

* Moneris -
* Skipjack -

== Planned Support for the Following Gateways

* Trust Commerce -
* Verisign Payflow Pro -
* Cardstream -
* Beanstream -
* Vital -
* Merchant Commerce -
* iAuthorizer -
* Electronic Clearing House, Inc. -
* Bank of America eStores -
* Network1Financial -
* eSec -
* Ingenico OCV -
* St.George IPG -
* Jettis -
* PaymentsGateway.Net -
* PayConnect -
* Secure Hosting UPG -

== About

Author::    Lucas Carlson  (
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2005 Lucas Carlson
License::   Distributes under the same terms as Ruby
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