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“Oh my goodness, my photos are lost again!” We have been there sometimes. And those situations are like rain or snow that may suddenly occur in our daily life, which can be caused by multiple reasons, such as virus infection, unintentional deletion or formation, sudden power failure during transfer, etc. The first method we think of is to check whether they are still stored in recycle bin. If so, you are very lucky to recover them quickly. If not, do not feel worry about that, just keep on reading the article.

As a matter of fact, the content of deleted or formatted data and files is still stored in some place and it can be recovered as long as the storage device has not been overwritten. So the first thing we should do is to stop using the device when data loss has appeared. However, it is hard for us to find where the content of lost files exist. We should find help from professional <a href=""target="_blank">card recovery to help us find them and recover them.

Android Data Recovery Pro is a powerful <a href=""target="_blank">data recovery tool that capable of recovering formatted data from android phones. This recovery tool will restore accidentally deleted contacts, messages, photos and videos from your android phones and tablets. As the world's first Android contacts recovery software, Android Data Recovery Pro allows you to recover deleted contacts directly from android, as well as messages, photos and videos. And it supports almost all Windows OS, android phones and other digital devices.

Key Features,

Preview Recovery Process
It provides Thumbnail display of recoverable photos or files.

Batch Recovery Process
It is capable of recovering multiple files at one time.

Safe Recovery Process
It proves that Android Data Recovery Pro is safe and risk-free.

Raw Recovery Process

At the same time, the software supports more than 100 different file types. Recover lost or deleted files on the basis of their file signatures with the advanced Raw Recovery features included in the software.

<a href=""target="_blank">How to recover data?

Step 1, double-click the Android Data Recovery Pro and open it.

Step 2, connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 3, Scan and select the target files.

Step 4, Press recover and get the achievement.

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