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Hikashop hosted module integration
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Compatible with Version 3.4.5 of Joomla and Hikashop 2.6.0

Step 1: Log into the Joomla admin panel. Navigate to Extensions > Manage. On the upload tab select the Cardstream Hikashop Module zip file and click the upload & install button.

Step 2: Navigate to Extensions > Plugins. In the filter on the left hand side, select hikashoppayment in the type drop down and locate the Cardstream Payment Plugin for HikaShop link. Click the link and enable the plugin and click save.

Step 3: Navigate to Components > HikaShop > Configuration. Click System > Payment Methods. Click New. Click the Cardstream link and publish the Cardstream Payment Plugin for HikaShop. Edit the configuration of the module by entering your Merchant ID, Signature, etc. Click Save.

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