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Virtuemart Hosted Module

  1. Copy the Cardstream folder to plugins/vmpayment

  2. In the admin pannel clear the site cache (Site > Maintenance > Clear Cache)

  3. Go to Extensions > Extension Manager and click on the discover tab.

  4. If not visable click on Purge Cache and then Discover. Cardstream module and click install

  5. Hover over VirtueMart and click on Payment Methods.

  6. Click the 'New' button towards the top right of the page.

  7. Give the payment method a name, description and alias if wanted, e.g. Cardstream.

  8. Make sure 'Yes' is selected for Published.

  9. Under 'Payment Method' select 'Cardstream'.

  10. IMPORTANT: Click the 'Configure' tab and enter the merchant details provided. Test details are as follows:

    Merchant ID: 100001 Signature Key: Circle4Take40Idea Currency: British Pound Countries: Select All

  11. Click save and close. Cardstream is now installed.