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Various experiments in eventmachine/thin/amqp based reverse proxies
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The Jesus Nut

(c) 2009 Dane Jensen (careo), mostly. some bits shamelessly borrowed from ezmobius and somic

A 'jesus nut' is another name for the 'main rotor retaining nut'. In this case, the name comes from the fact that these experiments were partially used to test out a possible architecture in which it might be a rather large single point of failure.

Now, it's more of a test bed for various bits of http/amqp glue.

See for more about the origins of name.


The Thin examples require raggi's async thin


Run thin:

$ thin -R thin/ -p 4000 start

Run the sinatra app:

$ ruby rabbit_rackup.rb

... and more


  • Check on Ruby 1.9
  • Automate launching of the numerous processes, and running of ab against it all
  • Make the backend useable both over http and amqp
  • Add proper timeout handling
  • Try out something in neverblock
  • Throw in some fibers somewhere, just because they're neat
  • Include some ab results comparing all the options
  • ... and more!


Same as Ruby's, except for bits close enough to ezmobius and somic's code that it should really be Apache License, Version 2.0.

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