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Ports of some examples in tmm1's amqp library to use the rabbitmq erlang client.
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Use a server generated queue name.

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Erlang AMQP Examples


You need to download the source code for 'rabbitmq-server' and 'rabbitmq-erlang-client' and create two symlinks to successfully compile.

  • deps/rabbitmq-erlang-client => YOUR-SRC-DIR/rabbitmq-erlang-client
  • deps/rabbitmq-erlang-client/rabbitmq-server => YOUR-SRC-DIR/rabbitmq-server

This was tested with rabbitmq-erlang-client source code as of changeset 681:9fe40c872e8d (Feb 14, 2010)


cd rabbitmq-erlang-client-examples rake compile

Compile and Run AMQP Network Example Code

(assumes rabbitmq is already running on your system)

cd rabbitmq-erlang-client-examples rake run

Compile and Run AMQP Direct Example Code

(assumes that rabbitmq is not running elsewhere on your system. This will start a new instance.)

Follow the instructions to make RabbitMQ and the RabbitMQ Erlang Client available to your Erlang install:

Start an Erlang Shell, and RabbitMQ as well.

rake run_direct


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