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Welcome To The Caret Wiki

Caret is an easy to use but powerful markdown editor. The homepage of Caret may give you a quick introduction into its main features.

The initial aim of this wiki is to bring the many hidden features to light and provide a few hints to help you make the best use of Caret.


Reading the file (File → Keyboard Shortcuts) is a great way to learn about many of functions and features Caret provides. You can also read the features page for the complete list.

Tip: If there's a particular feature you're having a hard time wrapping your head around, just add a comment to the "Produce Documentation" issue, and we'll do your best to add it to the wiki. If you know of a feature not yet documented, or have a great hint, then feel free to add it to the wiki too.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Speaking of the file, you can edit this and change any existing shortcut to something that better suits your needs. Just a few tips before you do that though:

  1. Create a backup before making any changes;
  2. If you have Autosave turned on (File → Autosave), it would be best to disable it before changing anything in, or you could see some unexpected behaviour;
  3. When you're satisfied with your changes, save the file and restart Caret to activate the new Keyboard Shortcuts.

"I messed up and got all weird on me…"

Don't worry! If you want to start with a clean slate, quit Caret and then delete (safer yet, rename the file). Then open Caret and go to File → Keyboard Shortcuts to recreate


Caret supports a nice option to select all matches of a word and operate with it.

Select Next highlights all occurrences and selects the word close to the cursor. You may not see the difference of highlight, because it is only slightly different. To see the color difference, try Select Each. But be careful: after this command, you will see a cursor behind every selection. If you start typing, all selections will be replaced with it. If you want to add something around the selections, you have to hit an arrow key. places the multiple cursors behind each selection and unselect it, moves the cursors before all selections. Hit ESC to leave the multicursor mode.

Tip: Make a copy of your It contains many occurences of the same words (i.e. "Selection" ;) ). Try the additionally available shortcuts for adding, splitting, a.s.o. This will give you an idea, how to use this functions in your daily work.

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