RPMS adapter for CareWeb Framework
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RPMS Adapter for CareWeb Framework

This project allows the CareWeb Framework to run on top of the Indian Health Service Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS). It is pre-configured to run on the FOIA GOLDB database (not provided), but can be run on other RPMS distros as well.

The project builds upon the VistA adapter and contains additional plugins specific to the RPMS environment. The ultimate goal is to produce plugins that run in both environments.

There are several clinical plugins in this project, some fully functional while others are in the early stages of development.


  1. Using KIDS, install the provided build kids/cwf-rpms-1.0.kid.
  2. At the M command line, execute D STARTALL^RGNETTCP to start the broker on port 9300.
  3. If TaskMan is not running, it may be started from the M command line by entering D ^ZTMB.


  1. In the carewebframework-rpms project under the org.carewebframework.rpms.webapp.goldb artifact, edit the cwf.properties file to reflect your broker and user authentication settings.
  2. Using Maven, build the carewebframework-rpms project. A war file will be created under the target folder of the org.carewebframework.rpms.webapp.goldb artifact.
  3. Deploy and run the created war file using Tomcat or other servlet container.

Additional configuration:

  1. To access the design mode feature of the CWF, assign the RGCWF DESIGNER security key.
  2. To enable patient selection access, assign the RGCWPT PATIENT SELECT security key.