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PCF Controls available for Model Driven Apps in order to enhance the out of the box capabilities !
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IBAN / SIREN / SIRET Validators


In many projects, we need to implement custom logic to validate Account data such as the IBAN, the Siret and the Siren. In few clicks, you can now get the information directly on the form to know if the data is correct and get that information to a custom field.


There are 6 parameters for those controls :

  • Source field : field on which the control will be based
  • The Two options field to get the output (if the code is valid or not)
  • Display a notification error is the value is incorrect (optional)
  • Customize the error message is displayed (optional)
  • The possibility to set your own Valid icon (url) (optional)
  • The possibility to set your own Invalid icon (url) (optional)

File Field Manager


Microsoft is currently deploying a new type of field on your favorite CDS environments : the Files ! Currently, you have the possibility to create the fields and use them on Flow or Canvas App, there is no current possibility to use them on a model driven app form. That's where this control comes into the light !

There are 2 possibilities to use the control :

  • with fields on the same entity (you can upload one file per field) - Left side on the demo
  • with fields which are on a sub entity (you can upload as many files as you want !) - Right side on the demo

Demo :


There are a lot of parameters to handle as many cases as I could :

Parameter Description Required
FieldToAttachControl Field to attach the control x
FileEntityName Entity name which contains the file field (singular) - ex : opportunity x
FileEntityNamePlural Entity name which contains the file field (plural) - ex : opportunities x
FileFieldName Name of the file field from the above entity x
OrderFilesBy Allow you to order the files (if many) - ex : createdon desc x
ShowRelatedFilesText Custom the text which is displayed to show the files
HideRelatedFilesText Custom the text which is displayed to hide the files
DateDisplayFormat Define the rendering of the dates based on the location - ex : en-US or fr-Fr
TypeOfFile Using sub entity to store file, you can flag them using an option set
FileTypeFieldName Based on above description, field on file Entity which will be used to flag
AllowDeleteOption Display the icon to allow the deletion of the file(s) (security roles are not taken into account) x
AreFilesStoredOnSubEntity Are files stored on a sub entity ? x
MappingFieldToRetrieveFiles Field from sub entity which is used as lookup to parent entity
MainSubEntityFieldName Primary field of the sub entity which will be filled by the parent record id and date to create the sub record which will host the file
ParentEntityNamePlural Parent entity name (plural) if files are stored on sub entity.
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