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UNMAINTAINED. Gather services data and store in CopperEgg/IDERA
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This project is not maintained anymore. If you want to take over contact us at


Agent to collect server metrics and send them to the CopperEgg RevealMetrics platform. Plugins for different metrics available.

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gem install bipbip


docker run cargomedia/bipbip

Containerized bipbip runs on default with /opt/bipbip/etc/config,yml. Replace it by mounting or copying custom one.


There's a puppet module for Debian available to install bipbip as a system daemon.


Pass the path to your configuration file to bipbip using the -c command line argument.

bipbip -c /etc/bipbip/config.yml

Example with CopperEgg as a storage and service plugins for memcached and mysql configured:

logfile: /var/log/bipbip.log
loglevel: INFO
frequency: 15
tags: ['foo', 'bar']
include: services.d/

    name: copperegg
    api_key: <YOUR_APIKEY>

    plugin: memcached
    hostname: localhost
    port: 11211
    plugin: mysql
    hostname: localhost
    port: 3306

Configuration options:

  • logfile (optional): Path to log file. If not provided will log to STDOUT.
  • loglevel (optional): One of Logger's levels. Defaults to INFO.
  • frequency (optional): How often to measure metrics (in seconds). Defaults to 60.
  • tags (optional): Tags for all service plugins.
  • include (optional): Optional directory where to look for service plugin configurations (relative to config file).
  • storages: List of storages to send data to.
  • services: List of service plugins from which to gather metrics.

The include directive allows to set a directory from which to load additional service plugin configurations. The above example could also be structured with multiple files:

|-- config.yml
`-- services.d
    |-- memcached.yml
    `-- mysql.yml

Where memcached.yml would contain:

plugin: memcached
hostname: localhost
port: 11211

The configuration for each service plugin is described further down. The following options are available for all plugins:

  • frequency: Override the global measurement frequency.
  • tags: Additional tags for this specific service.
  • metric_group: Use a metric group name different from the plugin's name. Useful when using the same plugin twice.


Currently bipbip has only one storage available, but more could be added.


Send metrics to CopperEgg's custom metrics API (RevealMetrics).

Configuration options:

  • api_key: Your API key

Service Plugins

These service plugins ship with bipbip:

  • memcached
  • mysql
  • mongodb
  • redis
  • resque
  • gearman
  • apache2
  • nginx
  • network
  • monit
  • php-apc
  • fastcgi-php-fpm
  • fastcgi-php-apc
  • fastcgi-php-opcache
  • log-parser
  • postfix
  • elasticsearch
  • puppet
  • command
  • socket-redis
  • coturn
  • systemd-unit

Please refer to /docu/ for information about the individual plugins and their configuration options.

Custom Service Plugins

Additional service plugins can be created as independent gems. They should include a class Plugin::MyPlugin in the BipBip module extending Plugin. On that class the functions metrics_schema and monitor should be implemented.

For a complete example see cargomedia/bipbip-random-example.


Currently specs depends on live services (mysql, memcache, redis)

docker-compose build bipbip
docker-compose run --volume $(pwd):/opt/bipbip bipbip bash
bundle install

Release new version

  1. Bump the version in lib/bipbip/version.rb, get it merged to master.
  2. Travis will push new cargomedia/bipbip docker image
  3. Release gem using bundle exec rake release