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UNMAINTAINED. Create GitHub tickets for Loggly alerts.
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This project is not maintained anymore. If you want to take over contact us at


Create GitHub tickets for Loggly alerts.

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loggly-github starts an HTTP server where Loggly can send alert postbacks to. For each new alert it will open a GitHub ticket (if there's not already an open ticket for that alert).

Installation & Configuration

Install with npm

npm install -g loggly-github

Create a configuration file

  "port": "<HTTP port to listen on>",
  "secret": "<Any alphanumeric API secret>",
  "github": {
    "token": "<GitHub access token>"

When generating a personal access token on GitHub, make sure to enable the "repo" scope.

Start the server

loggly-github --config <path-to-config-file>

Create a new alerting endpoint in Loggly

Configure the endpoint in Loggly to send a POST request to the loggly-github server:

  • secret (required): The secret as defined in your configuration
  • github-user/github-repo (required): GitHub repo where the ticket is created
  • assignee (optional): GitHub user to assign the ticket to


Install dependencies:

npm install

Run tests:

npm test

Release a new version:

  1. Bump the version in package.json, merge to master.
  2. Push a new tag to master.
  3. Travis will deploy to NPM.