Reusable puppet modules for Debian
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Reusable puppet modules for Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Vivid Vervet.

Install puppet

curl -Ls | bash

Initial puppet run

On agent:

To make agent able to pull from master, master needs to accept agent's certificate. Send certificate accept request from agent node by running:

puppet agent --test --server <puppet-master> --waitforcert 10 --tags bootstrap

On master: List certificates, pick correct and sign it:

puppet cert list
puppet cert sign <cert-name>

Module development

It's recommended to write specs for newly developed modules and test them by running appropriate rake task.

All specs should be placed in modules/<module-name>/spec/<spec-name>/spec.rb. This way they can be detected and form rake tasks. Spec helper will also automatically apply all puppet manifests from the same dir (*.pp).

To test specific module run rake spec:<module-name>. To learn about other available tasks please run rake --tasks. Our test tasks recognize following rake options:

  • debug=true running puppet apply with --debug flag
  • keep_box=true do not roll back the vm to a clean state
  • gui=true show virtualbox GUI
  • os='Debian-7,Ubuntu-15.04' limit running specs to listed OS versions
  • retries=NUM how many times to re-run a failed spec (default: 0)