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MVCii - Framework

A lightweight Model View Controller Implicit Invocation Framework developed in CFML.

Easy to configure it and without dependencies (IOC or ORM).

Compatible with the ModelGlue XML configuration, Controllers and Views with very small edits (if required) for a easy migration.


  • Programmatically configuration or create a custom configuration file with a custom parser.
  • Dynamic XML configuration with expression ${variable}
  • Framework parameters configuration into Application.cfc this variables.
  • Caching single event or single view with a different configuration.
  • Cache storage Stored in Application Scope and EhCache.
  • Command to flush cache without restarting the framework.
  • Custom content type to return.
  • Manage the views conflicts with same name.
  • Advanced URL manager for manage Apache URL Rewrite.
  • Custom HTTP Status for manage missing event (404) or an exception (500)
  • Connect to ColdSpring or others IOC frameworks directly in Application.cfc
  • Manage onApplicationStart, onSessionStart, onSessionEnd in Application.cfc


  • ColdFusion 10+
  • Railo 4.1+
  • Lucee 4.5+


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