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Getting started

You need:

  • node 10+
  • yarn 1.13.0

Posts are written in markdown. You can use any markdown editor you like. vscode's markdown all in one plugin is very good for rich editing markdown files.

Authoring a new post

To author a new post run yarn new:post "Your Post Name Here" a directory, and markdown file will be created for you in content/blog/Your-Post-Name-Here

Then you can author the post as normal with markdown. To run the server locally, run yarn start. Our CI system checks for spelling errors, you can run this yourself with yarn check:spell, you will be prompted to either fix your mistakes or add your mistakes to a dictionary.

Getting your post live

To get your post live, simply make a branch, create a pull request and then get it merged. Netlify will automatically pick up on new commits into master and deploy them. Any new content must be approved by @stodesca github will enforce this automatically with its codeowner system.

Editing the code

To start the blog locally run yarn install and then run yarn start. The blog itself supports hot module reloading, so most changes you make should automatically apply in the browser.

We use less as our css processor, and css modules to import our styles into our components. Each component should have a less file with the name of component.module.less. Note the .module for gatsby to understand a less file is a css module you have to have the .module otherwise your styles won't get imported.

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