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AWS infrastructure for building and deploying Hugo websites
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Infrastructure-as-Code for a pipeline for building and deploying Hugo websites in Amazon Web Services.

What do you need already?

  • Each of your Hugo websites' source code in a separate GitHub repository. Private repositories are okay.
  • A Route53 Hosted Zone for each website's domain.

What does this deploy?

For each website, in a nutshell:

  • A CodePipeline pipeline for pulling website source from GitHub, building it, testing it, then publishing to S3.
  • A TLS (HTTPS) certificate for the domain.
  • A CloudFront distribution, with Lambda functions to handle:
    • Redirecting http to https.
    • Redirecting the www. subdomain to the root domain.
    • Reading index.html if the client requests a directory.


  1. Download and unpack the latest release build.
  2. Rename sample-config.yml to config.yml and add your websites.
  3. Rename sample-secrets.yml to secrets.yml and add your secrets.
  4. Run hugo-aws and cross your fingers. You should expect ~30 minutes per website for this initial deployment.

Each website will build and deploy automatically on commit to the master branch.


  • UX testing and feedback on the deployment process.
  • Email alert when a build/test/deploy fails.


Obviously, huge credit to the Hugo project. Thank you!

This project also uses the following projects:

Licence, credit & sponsorship

This project is published under the MIT Licence.

You don't owe me anything in return, but as an indie freelance coder there are two things I'd appreciate:

  • Credit. If your app or documentation has a credits page, please consider mentioning the projects you use.
  • Cash. If you want and are able to support future development, please consider becoming a patron or buying me a coffee. Thank you!
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