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A Python package to backup and restore all your self-hosted WordPress content.
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A Python package for backing up and restoring a self-hosted WordPress installation, including the database and uploaded content.

The backup file will contain:

  • Your database as a MySQL dump.
  • An exact copy of your entire WordPress directory.


  • Unit tests.
  • Handle wp-config.php being somewhere other than the default location.


pip install wpbackup


To backup:

python3 -m wpbackup --backup                  \
                    --wp-dir  /www/wordpress  \
                    --archive ~/backup.tar.gz

Note that the current release of py-wordpress-backup expected wp-config.php to exist within your WordPress directory, and will use it to read your database credentials to perform the backup. Keeping your wp-config.php file in this location might not be the best practice, and I'll likely handle this in a future update.

To restore using database admin credentials held in AWS Secrets Manager:

python3 -m wpbackup --restore                                           \
                    --wp-dir                          /www/wordpress    \
                    --archive                         ~/backup.tar.gz   \
                    --admin-credentials-aws-secret-id AdminUserSecretID \
                    --admin-credentials-aws-region    eu-west-1

To restore with specified database admin credentials:

python3 -m wpbackup --restore                        \
                    --wp-dir         /www/wordpress  \
                    --archive        ~/backup.tar.gz \
                    --admin-user     admin           \
                    --admin-password trustno1



py-wordpress-backup requires Python 3.x.

Installing dependencies

pip install -e .[dev]
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