A simple FastCGI Manager script for Perl
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Caribe::FPM - A simple FastCGI Manager script for Perl


./perl-fpm.pl [--listen] [--listen-queue 10] [--processes 1] [--connections 10000] [--startup /path/to/script.pl]


This script launches a FastCGI pool that can be used with all webservers that support it. So it is basically just a FastCGI wrapper.

It differs from other wrappers because it does not a generic wrapper and so it does not launch a new Perl instance for every execution. Instead it takes advantage of the Perl's do-file mechanism.

So it is placed between generic FastCGI wrapper and a standalone FastCGI application, allowing at the same time fast changes to scripts and easy deploy of applications.


There are some options to adapt the script to your needs.


Specify on which IP and port to bind the FastCGI server socket. You can also set a UNIX socket but permission must be managed elsewhere.

--listen-queue 10

The size of the socket listen queue.

--processes 1

Number of processes to prefork. The number is fixed, so you have to base it on your hardware and your needs. Usually doubling the number of CPU cores is a good choice.

--connections 10000

Live time of a single process expressed in served connections. This is to avoid memory leaks by the child processes.

--startup /path/to/script.pl

Optional path to a startup script. This can be used to include some common modules for the child processes, resulting in a bit faster execution time.