ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals
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ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals

It's a node.js library that can both serve a markdown file based blog, and also generate a static site from those files as well. GG.


flipflop provides a cli interface so needs a global install

> npm install -g flipflop

##Create a new blog

> flipflop create

This starts a cli app that will prompt for a few bits of info about your blog, and create a directory for it in the process.cwd().

##Start 'er up

Make sure you're inside your blog's directory.

> flipflop start <port>

check your browser @ http://localhost:8080

  • port is optional, defaults to 8080

##Static sites are hawt

Also, from inside your blog's directory.

> flipflop generate

This will create a static version of your site in a public folder within your blog's directory


Generating a blog with flipflop create produces a blog.json file in your blog's root directory. Customize it as you want.

	"title": "flipflip blog",
	"description": "ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals",
	"keywords": [],
	"authors": {
		"bradharris": {
			"name": "Brad Harris",
			"gravatar": "bmharris@gmail.com",
			"github": "bmharris"
	"articles": "articles",
	"domain": "http://yourdomain.com"

###Options Many of these properties are used within the blog's template files.

  • title the title of your blog
  • description the description of your blog
  • keywords array of keywords describing your blog, used for the <meta name="keyword"/> tag
  • authors key/value object containing article authors' information. This is used to display information about an article's author on the associated article page.
  • articles location of directory containing articles. This defaults to a location relative to your blog's directory but can be absolute as well.
  • domain used for creating absolute paths for your blog's feed

##Write some articles

There will soon be a cli command to generate a new article for you, but you can always create them manually. Simply create a folder inside your blog's articles folder. Whatever you name the folder will be used as the slug for the url (in combination with the article's date), so keep the folder url friendly. Populate it with an article.json file and an article.md file.

- some-post
	- article.json
	- article.md


	"author": "bradharris",
	"title": "flipflop ftw",
	"date": "05/04/2012",
	"publish": true,
	"tags": [


  • author should be a key that maps to the blog config authors object
  • title title of the post, doesn't need to be url friendly
  • date date the article was published - a string Date.parse can handle correctly
  • publish true/false - if false the article won't be accessible/generated
  • tags array containing tags describing the article.


Not much to describe here, just a markdown formatted file containing your article. flipflop uses marked to process markdown files, which supports GitHub Flavored Markdown.


I'm happy to accomodate pull requests and bug reports, so fork it and improve it or let me know if you find any issues.