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What is this example?

This examples demonstrate how to use locator-react in an express application that relies on locator and express-yui to render a page.

It also demonstrate how to combine different template languages, by using handlebars as the main layout of the page while relying on react for the main area of the page. In this particular case, it relies on locator-handlebars locator plugin, which is similar to locator-react.

How does it work?

There are two templates in this example, templates/bar.react and templates/layouts/index.handlebars. They work together to form a composite view where bar will be inserted within a div in index.

But when the page gets rendered on the client side, the app can use yui to load a compiled version of bar on-demand, and call for render as many times as you want, and during the rendering process, react will do that it does best, update only the piece of data that changed since the last rendered.

Bottomline, this is an experiment to render the initial view on the server side using the same code, then rehydrating on the client side by relying on react rendering capabilities.

How to test this app?

First, install the demo dependencies, then run the express application:

npm install
node app.js

Then navigate to:

  • http://localhost:3000/