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As Mojito matures, there are a number of changes/cleanups that we want to make that break backwards-compatilibity. However, we don't want to prevent you from upgrading in a timely fashion, so that you can use the latest and greatest version of mojito.

To enable both our needs and yours, we need a clear, predictable path into the future.

Currently Deprecated

Deprecated but Available

  • (2012-08-14) Controllers that declare themselves using Y.mojito.controller = {...} should be changed to use Y.namespace('mojito.controllers')[NAME] = {...}. The previously used pattern will clobber the controllers if you are using shareYUIInstance: true.

  • (2012-08-13) Files ending in .mu.html will eventually not be rendered out-of-the-box by Mojito. All downstream projects should use the Handlebars view engine by renaming all view files from .mu.html to .hb.html. All examples and archetypes have already been updated, so new projects will use Handlebars by default. To rename all views in your project, run the following in your project's root folder: find . -name "*.mu.html" -exec sh -c 'mv "$1" "$(echo "$1" | sed s/mu.html\$/hb.html/)"' _ {} \;

  • (2012-04-23) The .guid member of Mojito metadata (such as binder metadata) is going away. Often there's an associated member which more specifically expresses the intent of the unique ID (for example .viewId or .instanceId).

  • (2012-04-23) ac.dispatch() will be going away. (This already emits a warning.) Currently the best alternative is ac._dispatch().

Deprecated with Warnings

nothing for mojito 0.3


nothing for mojito 0.3

Deprecation Process

A feature will move through the following phases, at a well-defined pace.

"Deprecated but Available" Phase

  • The documentation is updated to mark the feature as "deprecated".
  • The feature will be in this phase until the end of the quarter year. (It's possible that a feature won't spend much time in this phase, if it is deprecated near the end of the quarter.)

"Deprecated with Warning" Phase

  • The feature is removed from the documentation.
  • Mojito emits a warning (if possible) if the feature is used.
  • The feature will spend a full quarter in this phase.

"Removed" Phase

  • The feature (and warning) is removed from Mojito.


  • On 2012-04-19 (Q2), Mojito deprecates the "foo" feature by saying so in the documentation. This event is also mentioned in an email and/or blog post for the next release. It's also added to this document.

  • On the next release after 2012-06-30 (end of Q2), Mojito removes documentation for feature "foo" and adds a warning if someone tries to use feature "foo". It is still documented in this document.

  • On the next releaes after 2012-09-30 (end of Q3), Mojito removes feature "foo" (and the associated warnings). It is mentioned as "removed" in this document.