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Yahoo! Mojito

Mojito is the JavaScript library implementing Cocktails, a JavaScript-based on-line/off-line, multi-device, hosted application platform.

Build Status


via GitHub

$ git clone git://
$ cd mojito
$ npm install -g .
$ npm install .

via npm

$ npm install -g mojito

Quick Start

Create an app and install local Mojito:

$ mojito create app hello
$ cd hello
$ npm install .

Create a mojit:

$ mojito create mojit HelloMojit

Start the server:

$ mojito start

Go to URL:


Run Unit Tests:

$ mojito test app .

Generate documentation:

$ mojito docs app hello



API Documentation


Licensing and Contributions

Mojito is licensed under a BSD license. To contribute to the Mojito project, please see Contributing.

The Mojito project is a meritocratic, consensus-based community project which allows anyone to contribute and gain additional responsibilities.

Third-party libraries

Mojito includes the Mulib software available here: