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Issue #357: Added deprecation for Y.mojito.controller = {...}

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commit b20999e2a50cd5c1b347d82988f35678a8515c2a 1 parent ea73085
Michael Ridgway mridgway authored
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@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ Currently Deprecated
### Deprecated but Available
+* (2012-08-14) Controllers that declare themselves using `Y.mojito.controller = {...}`
+should be changed to use `Y.namespace('mojito.controllers')[NAME] = {...}`. The previously
+used pattern will clobber the controllers if you are using `shareYUIInstance: true`.
* (2012-08-13) Files ending in `.mu.html` will eventually not be rendered
out-of-the-box by Mojito. All downstream projects should use the Handlebars
view engine by renaming all view files from `.mu.html` to `.hb.html`. All examples
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