Feature request: Synchronous dispatching for content node #6

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ebi commented Nov 1, 2010

Hi Caridy

We use the dispatcher mainly to solve the "insert script tags on different browsers" issue and handle the ajax calls our selves. For this it would be easier to have a synchronous dispatching so we can directly work with the altered dom.

I wrote a small proof of concept that it works. If you want it integrated nicely I could do it as well but probably you have your own idea how to implement it. So let me know if you want this feature and if you want a cleaner solution or if you're doing it yourself.


davglass and others added some commits Sep 30, 2010

@davglass davglass Bumped package version 66f5de4
@davglass davglass Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yui/yui3-gallery aa1923d
@davglass davglass Version bump 65daae2
@davglass davglass Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yui/yui3-gallery 5482fc8
@davglass davglass Updated Package Version d2d2e93
@davglass davglass Fixed bad package number 95ef7d6
@davglass davglass Merge branch 'master' of yuisource.corp:yui3-gallery 7e323a2
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 ghinch gallery-form 2d36ead
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 lsmith gallery-patch-330-async-queue-bubble d014428
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 ericf gallery-base-componentmgr 7c6319e
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 tripp gallery-charts 4178233
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 lsmith gallery-patch-330-delegate-cat 9903381
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 insaindesign gallery-taglist 1603c8d
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 ericf gallery-resource a7f9d61
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 jafl gallery-treeble 95075b7
YUI Builder gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 lsmith gallery-patch-330-toggleview c467cb8
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.01.26-20-33 9ba590d
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 apipkin gallery-progress-bar 83e8bdb
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 apipkin gallery-dialog 10edc32
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 apipkin gallery-xarno-calendar d292196
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 apipkin gallery-xarno-calendar-controls b89e264
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 apipkin gallery-button 515257b
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 lsmith gallery-event-nav-keys e748ada
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 danbeam gallery-ellipsis 51ed6b7
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 ericf gallery-markout d6d3b49
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 ghinch gallery-ac-multidelimit f13e3db
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 ghinch gallery-ac-typeahead b323e0b
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 ghinch gallery-ac-list-scaler 6e4386b
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.02.02-21-07 833887e
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 lsmith gallery-jsonrpc 5dd9c4e
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 lsmith gallery-patch-330-event-preventedfn ebccc23
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 nzakas gallery-animloop d4bc2a2
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-toolbar f67edc8
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-progressbar ed166c8
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-swf 6a9f65d
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-parse-content e0a8ff6
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-paginator 9534000
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-overlay-mask af6ab37
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-rating fd26aa2
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-overlay-context-panel 7300f5d
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-node-base 6de6099
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-live-search e4ce92f
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-editable 8da45ff
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-dialog 58fb086
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-chart 3244eff
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-autocomplete 943d1a4
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-base c20b9f7
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-color-picker-base cd66445
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-component 4c66836
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-io-request ea974e6
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-io-plugin d06e29f
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-tree-view 5dd5894
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 liferay gallery-aui-tree-data c101767
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 jafl gallery-querybuilder 6a0f6a0
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 jafl gallery-checkboxgroups 428d182
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 jafl gallery-paginator d00540b
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 apipkin gallery-progress-bar c656a8d
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 jafl gallery-accordion-horiz-vert cb18f57
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 foxxtrot gallery-node-extras 6e13901
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.02.09-21-32 2c4131e
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 ghinch gallery-compare a1fbb9a
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 jafl gallery-exprbuilder cd4c74d
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 jafl gallery-querybuilder 5ae1994
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 jafl gallery-accordion-horiz-vert e613240
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 jafl gallery-treeble d99a014
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 jafl gallery-paginator cacd6e2
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 standardpixel gallery-flickr-api 008c7ad
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 ericf gallery-overlay-extras d084eaf
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 albertosantini gallery-tagcloud 25aea2c
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.02.16-20-31 5a73088
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.18-23-10 tripp gallery-graphics 35c52fb
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.18-23-10 jafl gallery-canvas e286df2
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.18-23-10 jafl gallery-accordion-horiz-vert f66aced
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.18-23-10 jafl gallery-neon cb88e2c
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.18-23-10 ipeychev gallery-accordion fb8b639
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.18-23-10 kwa gallery-yplate fdd3645
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.02.18-23-10 46e4c4b
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 jafl gallery-algorithms 7ffb1a4
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 mocheng gallery-comet-stream 2e1d590
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 ipeychev gallery-accordion 3e811c8
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 jafl gallery-neon dc0f9cd
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 ghinch gallery-form ceac5ef
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 lsmith gallery-patch-330-event-hover 0d8eb13
YUI Builder gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 ericf gallery-resource ce4b5b8
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.02.23-19-01 944498e
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.02-20-58 tripp gallery-graphics e1150e3
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.02-20-58 caridy gallery-node-accordion 975d622
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.02-20-58 caridy gallery-dispatcher 29f1542
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.03.02-20-58 7aa3b35
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.09-21-14 solmsted gallery-google-maps-loader b77b9d5
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.09-21-14 apipkin gallery-xarno-skins cccbf04
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.09-21-14 davglass gallery-oauth 03f1c51
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.09-21-14 lsmith gallery-patch-330-event-preventedfn c905196
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.03.09-21-14 fadacee
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 solmsted gallery-asynchronouscommandqueue 74be7f7
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 tripp gallery-graphics 0a2f3cf
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 solmsted gallery-google-maps-frame 34c1a68
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-xarno-clipboard 878e6e4
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-timer b780668
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-title 0754d74
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-text-resizer e5a606e
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-simple-datatable 4fa15c8
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-scroll-nav c6610af
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-plugin-simple-datatable-sort ae3efcf
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-plugin-title-scroll 97fb27e
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-notify ee7ffcb
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-button-toggle 0173f8a
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 apipkin gallery-dialog 4ea0aff
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 jafl gallery-io-multiresponse eb07cfd
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.03.11-23-49 5a3b7b6
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 jafl gallery-complexnumber 8e9f699
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 foxxtrot gallery-nodelist-extras 360c5a4
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 tripp gallery-graphics 7848916
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 g13n gallery-carousel e223633
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 mocheng gallery-scroll-beacon f27a267
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 jafl gallery-io-multiresponse 9916b11
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 solmsted gallery-asynchronouscommandqueue 2372ee8
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 jafl gallery-math ab07ea0
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 apipkin gallerycss-xarno-skins 124d304
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.03.16-21-24 c9f473d
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.17-15-28 apipkin gallerycss-xarno-skins 6af3add
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.03.17-15-28 997ad45
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.23-22-20 tripp gallery-graphics 6d1b295
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.23-22-20 g13n gallery-carousel a537fba
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.23-22-20 tivac gallery-overlay-transition 4b7236a
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.23-22-20 ipeychev gallery-accordion 1c8471c
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.23-22-20 apipkin gallerycss-xarno-skins 67080a9
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.23-22-20 jafl gallery-instancemanager 4de6cb5
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.03.23-22-20 2fbd11b
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.30-19-47 apipkin gallery-xarno-clipboard 2333e9b
YUI Builder gallery-2011.03.30-19-47 davglass gallery-yql 8211504
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.03.30-19-47 d1e4500
YUI Builder gallery-2011.04.06-19-44 tribis gallery-split-desktop 3d01141
YUI Builder gallery-2011.04.06-19-44 solmsted gallery-audio 2f8f120
YUI Builder gallery-2011.04.06-19-44 jafl gallery-querybuilder 6aeb1c6
YUI Builder gallery-2011.04.06-19-44 jlizarraga gallery-yui-slideshow 46413a8
YUI Builder gallery-2011.04.06-19-44 danbeam gallery-ellipsis 16e530f
YUI Builder gallery-2011.04.06-19-44 solmsted gallery-recordset-storage-lite d3cbfdb
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2011.04.06-19-44 bb5f627

caridy merged commit bb5f627 into caridy:master Apr 16, 2011

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