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CPCDS Reference Server

This project is a reference FHIR server for the Consumer-Directed Payer Data Exchange Implementation Guide (also know as Carin Blue Button Implementation Guide). It is based on the HAPI FHIR JPA Server (HAPI 4.1.0).

The server is hosted live at For more information on connecting visit the Connectathon Wiki For more information on the AWS server visit the wiki.


The quickest way to get the server up and running is by pulling the built image from docker hub.

docker pull blangley/cpcds-server-ri
docker run -p 8080:8080 -e SERVER_ADDRESS=http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server/fhir/ blangley/cpcds-server-ri

This will deploy the server to http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server/fhir.

Note: A docker-compose file is also included which can be configured for your use case. To run using compose use docker-compose up.

Building Locally with Docker

The docker image can also be built locally before running. The container will automatically build and deploy using a tomcat server. You may need to configure some settings in docker-compose.yml before running.

git clone
cd cpcds-server-ri
docker-compose up

Alternatively you can build and run using normal docker commands:

docker build -t cpcds-server-ri .
docker run -p 8080:8080 -e SERVER_ADDRESS=http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server/fhir/ cpcds-server-ri

This will build a read only version of the server with the test data pre-loaded. The server will then be browesable at http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server and the FHIR endpoint will be available at http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server/fhir

Manual Build and Run

Clone the repo and build the server:

git clone
cd cpcds-server-ri
export SERVER_ADDRESS=http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server/fhir/
mvn dependency:resolve
mvn jetty:run

The server will then be browseable at http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server and the FHIR endpoint will be available at http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server/fhir

Note: this has only been tested with Java 8, if you are using a different version of Java and experience issues try switching to Java 8. Note: a common error is about .m2/repositories/com/h2database. This is most likely due to running the server with a different version of Java. If you encounter this issue verify you are using Java 8, delete the h2database folder and run the server again.

GET Requests

This server is protected and requires users to authenticate before obtaining access to protected resources. The authorization server is hosted at the /oauth endpoint. The Capability Statement for this server is at the /fhir/metadata endpoint. The smart configuration file is at fhir/.well-known/smart-configuration. Even with an access token, only the resources marked as must support in the IG will be available.

Once an access token is received it must be sent in the Authorization header using the correct token_type returned by the auth server. Learn more about the server authorization from the wiki


Beyond on the normal HAPI configuration found in src/main/resources/, this server has a few other configurations.

ENV Required Description
SERVER_ADDRESS Yes The base url for this server. For localhost this should be http://localhost:8080/cpcds-server/fhir/
ADMIN_TOKEN No The value of the admin token to bypass authorization. If unset no admin token can be used.

Uploading Test Data

The master branch of this repository sets up the server as read only. Uploading to the server will fail. To disable the read only interceptor switch to the cpcds-write branch. The database is read from target/database/ A copy of the database with the test data preloaded can be found in the /data directory. Copying this into target/database will allow the server to have a read only copy of the loaded database.


Since this code base serves as the reference implementation for the Carin BB IG there are multiple places where potential security vulnerabilities were intentionally made to allow testing developers to debug their code. With these vulnerabilities in place, testing and debugging connections is substantially easier. If this code is to be used for a production enviornment care must be taken to ensure all vulnerabilities are fixed. Below is a list of some of the identified issues. It is your responsibility to make sure all vulnerabilities, including those not listed below, are fixed in a production enviornment.

  1. Logger statements print secrets - in places such as and the logger displays the hashed password and client secret. Caution should be used any time a secret value is logged. Care should be taken to protect the log files from malicious users.
  2. Debug endpoint - the debug endpoint provides public access to the Users and Client table which provides hashed passwords and client secrets. This endpoint also provides public access to the log file. The debug endpoint should be removed for a production enviornment.
  3. Managing keys - the RSA keys used to sign and validate the JWT tokens are hard coded in Your implementation must change these keys and ensure they are stored in a secure location. Consider having rotating keys.

This may not be an exhaustive list. The developers of this reference implementations are not responsible for any vulnerabilities in the code base. All use of this repository comes with the understanding this reference implementation is used for testing connections only.


Reference server for the Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (Carin BlueButton) Implementation Guide:







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