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  • Reference the correct Exception class when rescuing errors [Scott Tadman]

2.0.2 / 1 Feb 2009

  • Avoid using 'ensure' in Net::SFTP.start since it causes unfriendly behavior when exceptions are raised [Jamis Buck]

2.0.1 / 29 May 2008

  • Open files in binary mode to appease Windows [Jamis Buck]

2.0.0 / 1 May 2008

  • Make Net::SSH::Connection::Session#sftp accept an argument determining whether or not to block while the SFTP subsystem initializes (defaults to true) [Jamis Buck]

  • Allow Session#connect to be useful even in the open/opening states by invoking or queuing the callback block [Jamis Buck]

  • Allow custom properties to be set on upload/download initiation via the :properties option [Jamis Buck]

  • Custom properties on Download instances [Jamis Buck]

  • Add #abort! method to Upload and Download operations [Jamis Buck]

  • More complete support for file-type detection in protocol versions 1-3 [Jamis Buck]

2.0 Preview Release 2 (1.99.1) / 10 Apr 2008

  • Custom properties on Upload instances [Jamis Buck]

2.0 Preview Release 1 (1.99.0) / 22 Mar 2008

  • Rewritten! (Never, ever, do this at home.) New and improved API.