Open Spatial Component Architecture (OSCAR) is a JavaScript library that you can use in your web pages to add dynamic map content.
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CARIS OSCAR-js (Open Spatial Component Architecture) is a JavaScript Map API that was created to help build [CARIS Spatial Fusion Viewer] ( It has been spun-off as an open-source project (licensed under Apache License 2.0) to allow for public contributions and forking.


OSCAR-js is located on The latest release of OSCAR-js can be downloaded from the [web site] (

If you are looking to incorporate OSCAR-js in your own website there is a full set of [examples] ( and [developer guides] ( to get you started. The latest version of the [API documentation] ( is also available on the website.

Submitting Code

The best way to submit code to the OSCAR-js project is to fork our repository at GitHub. You should create a new branch with the new feature and open a pull request. Use the GitHub issue tracker to file bugs.