A Ruby library for creating weak plasmoids using the Diamond-Square algorithm
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|   Weak Plasmoid Generator   |
This ruby class generates a Weak Plasmoid fractal, which is represented
by a 2 dimensional array. Common uses for this class is for producing 
heightmaps, skyboxes and anything which requires a smoothish noise 

|   Working   |
(A more detailed description of this algorithm can be found at 

This works by taking a 2 dimensional array that is a square of size 
(2^n)-1 and then iteratively breaking that down into smaller squares 
or diamonds, until you reach a size of 1x1 square or diamond.

Each time a diamond or square is created, the random height is added by
taking the average of the corners, and then adding a number that is
between -range and +range, which is constrained depending on how many
iterations you are into the fractal.

The constrant is defined as:

constraint = 2^(-h * (level-1))

Where h is a roughness constant and defines how smooth your data is.

The algorithm currently only works with sqaures of the size (2^n)-1,
but cutting up the array will allow for any size.

|   Benefits   |

* Ruby doesn't do this as standard
* You can make pretty pictures

|   Using the Weak Plasmoid Generator   |
To use the Weak Plasmoid Generator can be used in the normal way for 
Ruby classes. 

|   Testing   |

This is written in Ruby, so will be usable by Ruby. Use RMagick or 
any other image generation tool of your choice if you wish.