Integration of AutoWare AV software with the CARLA simulator
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Autoware in Carla

Integration of AutoWare AV software with the CARLA simulator


  • ROS kinetic
  • Autoware (tested with 1.9.1)
  • PointCloud Map (see Map Creation)


  • object detection (especially traffic lights)
  • no compliance with traffic rules (due to missing vector map)
  • vehicle control is not optimal yet (depending on vehicle)



Setup/build Autoware as described here:


Download version of Carla from here:

Carla Autoware Bridge

The Carla Autoware Bridge is a ROS package. Therefore we create a catkin workspace (containing all relevant packages). The generic Carla ROS bridge ( is included as GIT submodule and has to be initialized ("git submodule update --init") and updated ("git submodule update").

cd ~
git lfs clone
cd carla-autoware
git submodule update --init
cd catkin_ws
catkin_init_workspace src/
cd src
ln -s <path-to-autoware>/ros/src/msgs/autoware_msgs
cd ..


To run Autoware within Carla please use the following execution order:

  1. Carla Server
  2. Autoware Runtime Manager
  3. Carla Autoware Bridge
  4. Autoware Stack

You need two terminals:

#Terminal 1

#execute Carla
SDL_VIDEODRIVER=offscreen <path-to-carla>/ /Game/Carla/Maps/Town01 -benchmark -fps=10

#Terminal 2

export CARLA_AUTOWARE_ROOT=~/carla-autoware

#execute Autoware (forks into background)

#execute carla-autoware-bridge and carla-autoware-bridge
export PYTHONPATH=<path-to-carla>/PythonAPI/carla-<version_and_arch>.egg:<path-to-carla>/PythonAPI/
source $CARLA_AUTOWARE_ROOT/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
#either execute a headless Carla client
roslaunch carla_autoware_bridge carla_autoware_bridge.launch
roslaunch carla_autoware_bridge carla_autoware_bridge_with_manual_control.launch

In Autoware Runtime Manager, select the customized launch files:

Autoware Runtime Manager Settings

In Autoware Runtime Manager, start rviz and open the configuration /ros/src/.config/rviz/default.rviz

Now you can start the Autoware Stack by starting all launch files from top to bottom. The car should start moving.

Autoware Runtime Manager Settings

A special camera is positioned behind the car to see the car and its environment. You can subscribe to it via /carla/ego_vehicle/camera/rgb/viewFromBehind/image_color.