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This is a development release that introduces major changes in the API.
Please read our blog post.

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New Features / Fixes

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.19
  • Redesign of the networking architecture
    • Allows any number of clients to connect simultaneously
    • Now is possible to add and remove at any time any vehicle or camera
    • Now is possible to control any vehicle or camera
    • Now is possible to place cameras anywhere
    • Reduced to two ports instead of three
    • First port uses an RPC protocol based on rpclib
    • Second port is for the streaming of the sensor data
  • Redesign of the Python API
    • Actors and sensors are now exposed in the API and can be independently controlled
    • The Python module is built in C++, with significant performance gain in some operations
    • Many functionality haven't been ported yet, so expect a lot of things missing
  • Redesign of the build system to accommodate the changes in dependencies
    • Everything can be done now with the Makefile
    • For the moment only Linux is supported, sorry
  • Massive clean up of all unused assets
  • Some aesthetic fixes to the vehicles