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Latest commit

* New parsing (#858)

* Improved junction scenarios to work on routes

* Added basic agent to the SyncArrival behavior

* Improved all routes

* Updated to use new route planner

* Improved synchornization for S7 adn S9

* WIP: Added new background activity

* Minor fixes

* Planner changes

* Added compatibility with CARLA 0.9.12

* Pretty code

* Changed S9 to an actor flow

* Improved synchronization of crossing scenarios

* WIP: Improve synchronization

* First working behavior

* Fixed other leading vehicle scenario speed bug

* Created new S2 for routes and added it to routes

* Better ControlLoss + fix missplaced route scenarios

* Improved actor flows with new  python agent

* Minor fixes

* Cleanup and some example changes


* Removed unused atomic behaviors

* Pretty code

* Added missing BA code

* Removed constant velocity agent

* Added other parameters

* Pretty code


* Pretty code

* Fixed sceario parsing bug

* Minor fixes


* Minor fixes

* Fixed bug with agent's route

* Improve actor flow scenarios (#859)

* Improved actor flow behavior


Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Changes in Actor Flow, implementation of Accident and Construction, changes to BA (#863)

* Initial testing

* Changed ActorFlow to Town04

* WIP: ActorFLow at routes

* WIP2: Actor Flow

* Changes to Accident and Construction blocking scenarios
Implementation of chages in BA to allow TM lane changes through set_path

* Improve road behavior, actor flow and accident scenarios

* Construction scenario implementation

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Changed ActorFlow to use the TrafficManager

* Routes can now have scenario specific criterias

* Scenarios are now route specific

* Added urban bicycle flow prototype

* Added CHANGELOG (#870)

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Added VehicleOpensDoor scenario

* Minor changes

* Fixed bug with new JucntionScenarioManager (#873)

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Added dynamic weathers to routes

* Improved traffic event handling (#877)

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Added HighwayExit scenario

* Added minimum speed criteria

* Pretty code

* New Parking Exit scenario

* General improvements (#884)

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Improve bycicle flow scenario

* Changed BA 'RemoveLane' for 'SwitchLane'

* New LB2.0 scenario improvements

* Refined BA's target speed

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Added HighwayCutIn scenario

* Improved HighwayCutIn


Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Added Idle (#898)

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Added ParkingCutIn scenario

* New MergerIntoSlowTraffic scenario

* Updated  _remove_junction_entry

* Update

* Added MergerIntoSlowTraffic scenario

* Update

* Added MergerIntoSlowTraffic route

* Added MergerIntoSlowTraffic scenario

* Improve night mode (#902)

* Added lights beahvior to rotues

* Improved lights and automatic TM lights

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Add yield to emergency vehicle scenario

* Add new scenario PedestrianCrossing

* New Blocked intersection scenario

* Added InvadingTurn scenario

* Added Static cut in scenario

* Added BicycleAtSideLane scenario

* Improved route's timeout

* Leaderboard 2.0 scenario improvements

* Fixed several merge errors

* New scenario improvements

* Removed debug messages

* Added scenario timeouts

* Added frame to traffic events

* Added realtime to OutsideRouteLanesTest

* More Leaderboard 2.0 scenario improvements

* Route obstacles + parked vehicle destruction

* Scenarios no longer spawn old vehicles

* Added variable flow to route obstacles

* Added VehicleTurningRotue variations

* Added noise to control loss

* Route improvements

* MinSpeed criteria checkpoints + Pedestrian patch

* Fix bug PedestrianCrossing

* Fixed bug pedestrians and parked vehicles (#933)

* Added parking removal to crossing actors

* Fixed bug pedestrians and parked vehicles

* Improved pedestrian code

Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>

* Removed old test routes

* Fixed bug with YieldtoEV criteria

* Minor parameter changes

* Improved scenarios

* Added hand brake to BlockedIntersection

* Revereted some of the constructions changes

* Some parameter changes

* Removed unused code

* Prettyfied some criteria

* Fixed units bug

* Parameter change

* Changed opposite flow parameters

* Minor robustness changes

* Removed police car from several scenarios

* Updated highway cut in parameters

* Final parameter changes + some minor BA changes

* Added vehicle opens door stop

* Fixed VehicleOpensDoor

* Added ActroFlow patch

* Minor sensor destruction change

* Changes numpy version to match CARLA's

* Minor fix

* Added tm ports to BA

* Added the port to all set autopilots

* Minor improvement to result writer and debug

* Added missing sensor destruction

* Added spawn transforms to CDP actors

* Added ratio to min speed

* fix duplicate env initialization during runtime

* check location in DriveDistance

* add is_runtime_init_mode process

* fix weather

* Added ScenariOTrigger blackboard

* removed whitespaces

* Added a lock at CDP

* Added Leaderboard 2.0 changelog

* Added Leaderboard 2.0 routes

* Fixed bug with MinimumSpeedRouteTest

* Added Release 0.9.15


Co-authored-by: Guillermo <>
Co-authored-by: Jacopo Bartiromo <>
Co-authored-by: Tay Yim <>
Co-authored-by: yuting <>
Co-authored-by: dudu_fang <>
Co-authored-by: threewater-wang <>
Co-authored-by: joel-mb <>

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License: MIT GitHub tag (latest SemVer) Build Status

ScenarioRunner for CARLA

This repository contains traffic scenario definition and an execution engine for CARLA. It also allows the execution of a simulation of the CARLA Challenge. You can use this system to prepare your agent for the CARLA Challenge.

Scenarios can be defined through a Python interface, and with the newest version the scenario_runner also the upcoming OpenSCENARIO standard and OpenSCENARIO 2.0 standard is supported.

Scenario_Runner for CARLA

Getting the ScenarioRunner

Use git clone or download the project from this page. Note that the master branch contains the latest fixes and features, and may be required to use the latest features from CARLA.

It is important to also consider the release version that has to match the CARLA version.

To use a particular version you can either download the corresponding tarball or simply checkout the version tag associated to the release (e.g. git checkout v0.9.5)

Currently no build is required, as all code is in Python.

Using the ScenarioRunner

Please take a look at our Getting started documentation.

Challenge Evaluation

The CARLA Challenge has moved to the CARLA Autonomous Driving Leaderboard. Please see the leaderboard repository and the getting started guide for more information.


Please take a look at our Contribution guidelines.


If you run into problems, check our FAQ.


ScenarioRunner specific code is distributed under MIT License.