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Simple web application to keep track of financial information.
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A web based app designed to keep track of financial information.

Exchange rate syncing
Stock market price syncing
Stock price syncing
Basic API
Mysqli database connector
Basic installer

Future features:
Fund price syncing
Dividend syncing
Stock portfolio management
PDO database connector

PHP (Tested with 7.2/7.3)
Apache (With mod_rewrite enabled)

At present this app is designed for my own personal use, until more features are completed.

How to use this app:

  1. Create an empty database for the app to use. It is recommended to create a new mysql user specifically for this database.
  2. Navigate to the root folder in your web browser.
  3. Fill in the setup form.
  4. If you have chosen against installing the sample data, you will need to add currencies, stocks, stock markets and currencies before each sync can run.
  5. Run files in the 'sync' folder to run the relevant sync.

API calls are outlined in api/index.php.

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