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Attitude Adjustment


Insired by the Momentum Chrome extension and meditation mobile app, Headspace, Attitude Adjustment seeks to provide users with an interactive daily exchange to check in with mental/emotional status. A user is prompted to input a thought, the app will then provide content analysis (using IBM Watson's API) and provide 'adjustment' feedback throughout the day.

User Story: a user wakes up, types the first thought that comes to mind: 'I'm feeling tired'. The app analysis would provide feedback: 'Hey, you sound negative, here's something to think about: '. The app would then generate

App Functionality Requirements

Login/Signup for user account. Input form to collect a phrase from a user. Post input to Watson Tone Analyzer API. Grab output from Watson API and render analytics for user. Based on analytics, send quote or exercise (stored in database) back to user.

Technology Used

Node / Express / React / PSQL / HTML / CSS / Javascript Videos were made using and exported as MP4's.

App Add On Ideas

In addition to a quote or exercise, provide user with mood over time analytics to see patterns.


As a new developer, I'm really interested in the ways people interface with technology in small, day to day interactions. How can an app change your day?

API Reference

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer


One of the biggest challenges was getting the correct user history to appear. I used 'date' instead of timestamp to bring back data from the DB. This didn't prove to be very accurate.

Also, I underestimated the amount of time it would take to make video animations. The intention was to have several videos categorized by mood. At this point, I only have 3 videos ready.

Moving Forward

I need to seed my database with more quotes. I want to make a library of daily challenge materials.

wireframe 1 wireframe 1

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot