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manly is a compliment to man pages.

It's a lot like explainshell (don't worry, that is explain-shell, not explains-hell).

Your good friend has a funky alias in his dotfiles: alias alert="notify-send -i terminal -t 5 'Alert from Terminal!'":

$ manly notify-send -it

notify-send - a program to send desktop notifications

      -t, --expire-time=TIME
              The duration, in milliseconds, for the notification to  appear  on  screen.
              (Ubuntu's Notify OSD and GNOME Shell both ignore this parameter.)

      -i, --icon=ICON[,ICON...]
              Specifies an icon filename or stock icon to display.

Short and sweet!


manly supports Python 2 and 3

$ pip install manly

An unofficial Arch User Repository is maintained by mpolidori at

Develop with me :)

Ideas, contributions and everything else is welcome!

$ git clone
$ cd manly
$ python -m venv manlyenv
$ . manlyenv/bin/activate
$ python

Make sure test locally before sending a Pull Request using:

$ pip install pytest
$ py.test
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