My vimrc setting with several plugins
Vim script Python Shell
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How to


In your home folder:

git clone git://
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/.vim/gvimrc ~/.gvimrc
cd ~/.vim
git submodule update --init --recursive

Addictional Shortcuts

tab: autocomplete
<C-\>: template

ctrl + k: snippet complete or jump

T: tasklist
L & H: change tab(gt & gT)
gc(selection mode): comment selection
gcc: comment current line
<leader><leader>w: easy motion
<leader><leader>t: easy motion + search
ctrl + F12: ctags
ctrl + ]: find definition
ctrl + t: back to usage
ctrl + o: previous action
S<tag>(selection mode): surround
cs<tag><tag2>: replace tag to tag2
ds<tag>: delete tag
F1: show or hide line number
F2 or <leader>p: paste mode
F4 or <leader>n: nerd_tree
F5: Remove all signs
F6: Disable gitgutter
F9: Tagbar
:Gdiff git diff with HEAD
:Gblame git blame
ctrl + k: expand snippet
ctrl + b: move to next position of snippet

ctrl + \ + g: find definition
ctrl + \ + s: find this symbol
ctrl + \ + c: find the functions which call the function
ctrl + \ + t: find the text string
ctrl + \ + i: find files include this file
ctrl + \ + f: open the file

gh: next hunk
gH: previoud hunk

:Pylint: python syntax check
:Pydoc function: find function definition in python document
K: find current function definition in python document
F: code folding(all)
f: code folding
<C-c>g goto definition
<C-c>d show documentation
<C-c>f find occurrences
<leader>r run python
<leader>b set breakpoint

S + -: {{ content }}
S + =: {% content %}

Normal Shortcuts

gg: Begin of file
G: End of file
^: Begin of current line
$: End of current line

A: Insert at line end
o: Insert a new line after current line
O: Insert a new line before current line

fx: Find 'x' after current position in current line
Fx: Find 'x' before current position in current line
*: Find current word in file

viw: Select word
vit: Select content in tag 
vat: Select content include tag

ctrl+[: Back to normal mode(Esc)

<C-N> or <C-X><C-N>: autocomplete in document
<C-F> or <C-X><C-F>: autocomplete path
<C-J> or <C-X><C-I>: autocomplete in header
<C-X><C-O>: autocomplete

Package dependency

clang: c autocomplete
pylint: python syntax check
php: php syntax check