A lightweight & efficient EventManager for JS in WP.
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A lightweight JavaScript event manager for WordPress


See core ticket #21170 and our WordSesh talk.

API Usage

wp.hooks.addAction( 'tag', callback, priority );
wp.hooks.addFilter( 'tag', callback, priority );
wp.hooks.removeAction( 'tag', callback );
wp.hooks.removeFilter( 'tag', callback );
wp.hooks.doAction( 'tag', arg1, arg2, arg3 ); // any number of args can be included
wp.hooks.applyFilters( 'tag', content );


  • Fast and lightweight, ~1.5kb
  • Vanilla JS with no dependencies
  • Hooks with lower integer priority are fired first.
  • Uses native object hash lookup for finding hook callbacks.
  • Utilizes insertion sort for keeping priorities correct. Best Case: O(n), worst case: O(n^2)