A Docker image for GNSS-SDR built with PyBOMBS
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GNSS-SDR Dockerfile

This repository contains a Dockerfile that creates a Docker image with GNSS-SDR and its dependencies installed via PyBOMBS. This includes GNU Radio and drivers for a wide range of RF front-ends through UHD, gr-osmosdr and gr-iio.

This image uses baseimage-docker, a special Docker image that is configured for correct use within Docker containers. It is Ubuntu, plus:

  • Modifications for Docker-friendliness.
  • Administration tools that are especially useful in the context of Docker.
  • Mechanisms for easily running multiple processes, without violating the Docker philosophy.
  • It only consumes 9 MB of RAM.

If you still have not done so, install Docker and verify your installation.

Pull docker image

You can download (pull) the image via following command:

 $ docker pull carlesfernandez/docker-pybombs-gnsssdr

Build docker image

Go to the repository directory and run the following command:

 $ docker build -t carlesfernandez/docker-pybombs-gnsssdr .

Run docker image


$ docker run -it carlesfernandez/docker-pybombs-gnsssdr

Run with graphical environment:

This should work on most Linux X server machines and makes GNU Radio Companion accessible.

 $ docker run --rm -ti -e DISPLAY -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthority \
 --net=host carlesfernandez/docker-pybombs-gnsssdr