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Staging ground for GNSS-SDR snaps

Building a snap

Install snapcraft (available on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above):

$ sudo apt install snapcraft

Pick one of the directories, each contains a snapcraft project file:

$ cd <directory>

Simply type snapcraft to download all of the dependencies and to build the snap:

$ snapcraft

The output is a .snap file.

$ ls *.snap

Install a snap

This is an unsigned package, so use --force-dangerous

sudo snap install --force-dangerous <package-name>.snap

This installs the .snap file that we just built with snapcraft. The snap will be unpacked into /snap/<package-name>/current. Any executables in the snap will be available in the $PATH and in the /snap/bin directory as <package-name>.<executable-name>

Remove a snap

sudo snap remove <package-name>