A Sass mixin for displaying definition lists as tables for mobile-first happiness
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List as table

A Sass mixin for displaying definition lists as tables for mobile-first happiness.

See a demo here.

How To Use

Create a list of semantically correct definition lists:

		    <dd>Hello World</dd>
		    <dd>James Joyce</dd>
		  <dt>Total reads</dt>

In your stylesheet, include list_as_table and use the mixin

@import "path/to/list_as_table";

ul {
	// Mobile styles here (if you want some)
	li {
		dt, dd {
			margin: 0;
			padding: 0;
			float: left;

		dt {
			font-weight: bold;

		dd + dt {
			clear: left;

	// Style list as table
	@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {
		@include list-as-table(4); // You must specify the column number, which is de <dt> count

// See the example files for a full list of available options


$columns: int. The number of columns (in other words, the number of <dt>tags)

$cell_padding: (optional) Cell padding, in em units

$head_bg: (optional) Background color for the table header

$head_color: (optional) Text color for the table header

$striped: (optional) bool. Whether you want the table striped or not. Default is true

$strip_colors: (optional) list. A two item list with the rows colors. Order is odd, even. Example: (#fff, #f5f5f5) // White for odd and light gray for even

$strip_rule: (optional) Whether to strip odd or even rows. Values must be odd or even

$borders: (optional) bool. Whether the table should have borders or not. Default is false

$border_color: (optional) Border color

$nested_cells: (optional) list. If a column has more than one children (that is, a <dt> tag has multiple <dd>) specify the cases in a list. Example: (2,3) // One column has two nested cells, and another has 3


== 0.1.4 ==

  • Prevent unwanted goddam margins ruin the thing

== 0.1.3 ==

  • Fixed undefined variable usage
  • dt margin issue

== 0.1.2 ==

  • Prevent possible style conflicts


The one that says that you can do whatever you like with this.