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* This file setups the following:
* - settings used globally throughout the applications included within reason_package
* - paths used globally throughout the applications included within reason_package
* - file system location of binaries that the reason_package requires
* - the include path and http_path of applications included within reason_package
* This file should never be included directly, but instead gets included through one of two reason package bootstrap files:
* paths.php - for carl_util functionality when the full reason environment is not needed
* reason_header.php - for access to both carl_util and reason libraries
* @require INCLUDE_PATH must have been defined in paths.php
* @require SETTINGS_INC must have been defined in paths.php
* @package carl_util
// The following constants should be customized for your installation of the reason_package
// Basic information about the organization
domain_define( 'FULL_ORGANIZATION_NAME','The Full Name of the Organization' );
domain_define( 'SHORT_ORGANIZATION_NAME', 'Short Org Name' );
domain_define( 'ORGANIZATION_HOME_PAGE_URI', 'http://www.domain_name.domain' );
domain_define( 'WEBMASTER_EMAIL_ADDRESS', 'webmaster@domain_name.domain' );
domain_define( 'WEBMASTER_NAME', 'Joanne Q. Webmaster' );
// The following constants can be left alone, provided reason_package is OUTSIDE the web tree
* The location of the database credentials file
* SECURITY ALERT: this file MUST be outside of the web tree - otherwise your database credentials are accessible to everyone
domain_define( 'DB_CREDENTIALS_FILEPATH', SETTINGS_INC. 'dbs.xml' );
* The locations of the http credentials file - this need not be defined unless you have web resources behind https authentication
* SECURITY ALERT: this file MUST be outside of the web tree - otherwise your database credentials are accessible to everyone
domain_define( 'HTTP_CREDENTIALS_FILEPATH', '' );
// The following should be reviewed to make sure they are appropriate to your environment
* Boolean; lets the package know if the domain is configured to serve up pages under https or not
domain_define( 'HTTPS_AVAILABLE', false );
* The file system directory that contains imagemagick binaries (such as mogrify)
domain_define ('IMAGEMAGICK_PATH', '/usr/bin/');
* The command line path used to invoke tidy (eg. /usr/bin/tidy) - optional if libtidy is part of the php install
domain_define ('TIDY_EXE', '/usr/bin/tidy');
* The command line path used to invoke curl (eg. /usr/bin/curl) - optional if libcurl is part of the php install
domain_define ('CURL_PATH', '/usr/bin/curl');
// You shouldn't have to alter any of the constants below in a default install for reason to function
* The absolute file system directory that is the default web root - should include a trailing slash
domain_define( 'WEB_PATH', rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], "/") . '/' );
* This setting identifies the location of the reason_package web-available directory from the web root
* This path should be an alias to the reason_package www folder, which should be
* located outside the web root.
* The location of the reason_package www folder is /reason_package/www/
domain_define( 'REASON_PACKAGE_HTTP_BASE_PATH','/reason_package/');
* An optional path to a CSS file that may be used by various reason_package utilities
domain_define( 'UNIVERSAL_CSS_PATH', REASON_PACKAGE_HTTP_BASE_PATH.'css/universal.css'); // Define the path to a CSS file used by various reason_package utilities
* The host name, (eg
domain_define( 'HTTP_HOST_NAME', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] );
* Make sure that your locale settings use UTF-8.
* If your server is not set to use utf-8, and you cannot change it at the server level, uncomment
* the line below and use your appropriate language/country information
//setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_US.UTF-8');
// Define the name of the function which performs html sanitization
// this should be a specialized settings file probably - only relevant if the cleanup libraries are loaded
// Define the path to the folder that contains Reason's lib and www folder
// Define the path to carl_util files
// Define the path to disco files
// Define the path to flvplayer files
// Define the path to loki 1 files
// Define the path to loki 2 files
// Define the path to tinymce files
// Define the path to Date Picker files
define('DATE_PICKER_INC', INCLUDE_PATH.'date_picker/');
define('DATE_PICKER_HTTP_PATH', '/date_picker/');
// Define the path to Magpie RSS files
// Define the path to Thor files
// Define the path to Tyr files
// Define the path to ADOdb libraries
// Define the path to XML Parser files
// Define the path to HTML Purifier
// Define the path to libcurlemu
// Define the path to jquery
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