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@@ -11,9 +11,6 @@ and `~/.vimrc.after` Vim RC files.
## Updating to the latest version
-(Note: If you haven't upgraded since Jan 10, 2012, see instructions
To update to the latest version of the distribution, just run `rake`
inside your `~/.vim` directory.
@@ -399,37 +396,6 @@ Janus ships with a few additional syntaxes:
global config to set this if you have EDITOR set to something else
`$ git config --global core.editor 'vim -f'`
-## Rakefile
-If you're looking for the old janus distribution controlled by a
-Rakefile then please head over to the [rakefile
-branch]( but please note
-that the rakefile branch will not be maintained.
-# Alternative Upgrade Steps
-## Upgrading from before January 1st, 2012
-If you were using Janus before January 2012, note that Janus has gone
-through a rewrite to make it more stable and customizable. Most notably,
-you can now disable plugins using `janus#disable_plugin` and customize
-Janus using `~/.vimrc.before` and `~/.vimrc.after`. See the rest of this
-`README` and the [Customization wiki page](
-## Upgrading from January 1st, 2012 through January 10th
-Please run `rake` twice before running macvim; make sure `command-t` is
-To upgrade to the latest version:
-1. remove `~/.vim`, `~/.vimrc` and `~/.gvimrc`.
-2. move customizations from `~/.vimrc.local` to `~/.vimrc.before` and
- `~/.vimrc.after`.
-3. Do the same with `/.gvimrc.local`.
-4. Run the installer: `curl -Lo- | bash`
# License
### This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.

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