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…uby for installing MacVim.
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@@ -16,7 +16,18 @@ The distribution is designed to work with Vim >= 7.3.
The distribution also require `ack`, `pep8`, `ctags`, `ruby` and `rake`,
for the most comfortable experience, use the GUI version of Vim. Linux
users should install `gvim`, OSX users should install
-[MacVim](, Download it
+[MacVim](, the recommanded way of
+installating MacVim is using
+[Homebrew](, but before installing
+MacVim you need to use system-wide ruby, if you're using **rvm** `rvm
+use system` switches to system ruby, if you're using **rbenv** `rbenv
+shell system` switches to system ruby.
+$ brew install macvim
+If you don't use Homebew, you can still download it
Take a look at the [Pre-requisites wiki

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