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**Customizations**: Vimius binds `<leader>zw` to `:ZoomWin`
+## [BufferGator](
+Buffergator is a plugin for listing, navigating between, and selecting
+buffers to edit. Upon invocation (using the command, `:BuffergatorOpen`
+or `BuffergatorToggle`, or the provided key mapping, `<Leader>b`), a
+`catalog` of listed buffers are displayed in a separate new window split
+(vertical or horizontal, based on user options; default = vertical).
+From this "buffer catalog", a buffer can be selected and opened in an
+existing window, a new window split (vertical or horizontal), or a new
+tab page.
+Selected buffers can be "previewed", i.e. opened in a window or tab
+page, but with focus remaining in the buffer catalog. Even better, you
+can "walk" up and down the list of buffers shown in the catalog by using
+`<C-N>` (or `<SPACE>`) / `<C-P>` (or `<C-SPACE>`). These keys select the
+next/previous buffer in succession, respectively, opening it for preview
+without leaving the buffer catalog viewer.
## Additional Syntaxes
Vimius ships with a few additional syntaxes:
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